Across the Atlantic is a 1970 action comedy film starring Jack Kennedy, Roger Moore, Don Sorenson, Lee Oswald and Melissa Fairchild. Highly anticipated as Kennedy's return to acting after having not appeared in any films since 1965, the movie was a huge success and was critically praised. It was the first of three movies in the 1970's in which former America's Favorite Gentlemen Kennedy and Sorenson would costar, and was one of numerous collaborations between Lee Oswald and Kennedy.


An American government defector (Oswald) agrees to share secrets about the American nuclear program with the French government, and a Churat agent (Moore) is to escort him from New York to Paris. An aging and womanizing CIA veteran (Kennedy) is sent to intercept the defector and prevent him from reaching Paris, by whatever means necessary. Arriving at the airport too late to stop his target from getting on the flight due to an incident with a businessman's wife, he boards the plane at the last minute and must figure out ways to clandestinely get his man without provoking the attention of the Churat escort, without earning the ire of the hotheaded pilot (Sorenson) and while trying to charm the pretty young stewardess (Fairchild).

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