Republic of Acre
Capital:Antimary, Arieopolis
Languages:Portuguese, Spanish, English
Government:Presidential republic
Head of State:President
Established:1899 (independence from CSA)

Acre was a short-lived presidential republic.


Acre declared independence from the Confederate States in 1899, electing Luis Galvez as its first president. They barely made the Acrean Presidential Palace in its capital when the C.S.A. seized Galvez and forced a return of Acre to join the Confederacy.

Rodrigo De Carvalho attempted a second seize, and succeeded for a period of a few months.

Jose Placido De Castro successfully made the third siege. Acre was a nation until being bought back by Brazil.


The Acrean President's term was never specified in the Acrean Constitution.

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1President Luis Galvez1899-19001Vice President Rodrigo De Carvalho