Aceh Darussalam
Flag of Aceh
Location of Acheh [[]]
Official language Achehnese
Capital Banda Acheh
Largest City Banda Acheh
Population 1,600,000
HDI 0.745
Currency Acheh Rupiah (ACR)
Our Timeline Equivalent Aceh (Sumatra, Indonesia)

Acheh (or Aceh) is an Islamic kingdom occupying the northwestern tip of the island of Sumatra. Its capital city, Banda Aceh (pop. 692,000), is notable for being the largest Muslim-majority city in Macronesia, as well as the largest city in Sumatra. Aceh has a unique culture, which has been influenced by Turkish, Arab, Indian, and native Sumatran groups.


Islam first entered Southeast Asia through Aceh in the 8th century. The first Islamic Kingdom of Peureulak was established around 850 AD in what is today East Acheh District with Banda Khalifah as its capital. (-from Wikipedia) Acheh was never firmly controlled by the largely Hindu and Buddhist Srivijaya Kingdom. Acheh grew rapidly, and had control over much of coastal western Sumatra, as well as Pulau Penang (Penang Island) in what is now Malaya. However, Srivijaya soon regained strenghth and managed to drive Acheh back to its homelands. However, this left much of Sumatra with a Muslim minority which still exists today. When occasionally threatened, Achehnese have fiercely fought to maintain independence. As it has been throughout history, Aceh is currently governed by a sultan.


Ethnic Groups

84% Achehnese Sumatran
02% Arab
02% Turkish
03% Turkish/Arab/Sumatran mixed ancestry
08% other Sumatran
01% others (chiefly Indian and Chinese)


96% Islam
90% Sunni
06% Shi'ite
02% Indigenous religions
02% others (chiefly Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism)


92% Non-Vegetarian
08% Vegetarian


Known as a conservative Muslim country (though not nearly as conservative as Arabia), alcohol is forbidden.

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