Achaemenid Empire
Timeline: Vαͽnα Ηραϗ

OTL equivalent: N/A (located in the Islamic Republic of Iran)
Achaemenid Flag Imperial Emblem of the Qajar Dynasty (Lion and Sun)
Derafsha Bazanam Shara ka Aphtaha
Achaemenid empire on map
Achaemenid Empire in dark green, former territories in light green

Motto: Aͽταϙα Bαραρα
(Persian: "The Bearers of Peace")

Anthem 'rex regorum'
Capital Parsa
Largest city Delhi
  - Official:
  - Other languages Hindi, Egyptian, Lydian, Greek, Babylonian, Assyrian, Akkadian
  Other religions: Hakorism, Manichaeism, Hinduism, Ubatism
Ethnic group Iranians, Turks, Semites and Greeks
Type of government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Shah: Bardiya
  Dynasty: House of Opis
Chancellor: Araka Artaba
Principle Parliamentarian: Alessandra Lias
Population 1,037,508,492
  - 2013 estimate 1,037,508,492
  - 2011 census 1,038,558,462
Established 620 BC (as Eranshahr)
Currency Tira
GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
  - Total $63,288,018,012
  - Per capita $61,000
HDI 0.951
Time zone +3 to +5 +(UTC)
Drives on the left
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy
Internet TLD .ae
Calling code +55

 The Achaemenid Empire (Persian: Ϙαϡαϻαϗιͽyα, Haxamanishya), commonly reffered to as Persia, the Eranic Empire and (in the Far East) the 'State of Eran' (Persian: Πѻλιτα Ηραϗα, Polita Erana) is a federal, democratic state situated in the Near East. It borders Arabia to the south of Mesopotamia, Abyssinia to the south of Egypt, Kazakhstan to the north of Bactria, India and Nepal to the east of Delhi, Tibet and China to the east, Russia to the north of Armenia and Yugoslavia to the north of Greece. Also the city-states of Byzantium, Jerusalem and Demsr lie within its borders. At 9,000,000 sq km it is the 5th largest state on Earth behind Brazil and ahead of Australia, and has the world's third largest population. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multi-cutural nations, due to the multi-ethnic empire and swaths of immigration to the country. The country has a diverse climate, ranging from steppe to desert, and a wide variety of wildlife.

The centre of the empire, Eran, was long a loose confederation of Aryan kingdoms. Having been briefly unified by Yazada and then Achaemenes, the area was controlled by the Median Empire until 641 B.C. when Afrand of Ariana conquered the Medians and founded 'Eranshahr'. Her successor Cyrus conquered Babylonia, Lydia, Ariana and Bactria and turned the kingdom into a multi-state and multi-ethnic empire. His successor Darius took India as far as Baluchistan, Sogdia, Egypt and Thrace. Finally his son, Xerxes, pushed further north to control the land around the Aral Sea, the modern UAE and Oman and then the whole of Greece. The Empire has more or less stayed at that expansion, briefly holding a colony in Tibet also and the UAE and Oman voting for independence in 1894 and 1912 respectively. The Achaemenid doctrine since Xerxes has been one of pacifism over violence, and successfully engineered empires to act as buffer states against foreign invaders, such as the Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Nepal.

The Achaemenid Empire is a constitutional monarchy and a federal parliamentary democracy. The country is divided into nine satrapies: Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Eran, Ariana, Bactria and India, which themselves are divided up into varying amounts of provinces. The Achaemenid Empire had been totally democratic since 652 A.D. after Queen Deya II abdicated, but democracy had been present in the empire since 480 B.C., after Xerxes introduced a democratic voting system for the satrapies and what we would now call a federal parliament. The Achaemenid Empire has greatly contributed to the world in many ways, opening trade with Japan and South East Asia as early as 200 A.D., discovering (Southern) America in 650 A.D. and mapping said continent fully by 1200 A.D. and making many advancements in medicine and science.

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