The accords of Seville are an agreement between the Queen of Spain (Castile, and Aragon) and the Archduchy of Austria that on the event of their deaths, Austria will not revert to Spanish rule, and Spain will not revert to Austrian rule.


Following the death of King Ferdinand and his Leading Heir Ferdinand II of Castile and Aragon, the secondary heir Charles had recently renounces his claims to the throne but remained as royalty to give the Royal family a true presence in the Colonies. This lead to Ferdinands daughter Alexis ascending to the throne of Spain leaving her husband as the potential ruling king of Spain.

Alexis unhappy with this took an independent and defiant stance with her husband and after putting down conspirators to kill her in a ruthless fashion decided to handle this situation once and for all by drafting a treaty with which to prevent Austrian dominance over Spain and her extensive possessions. She also demanded this treaty be signed publicly in in Seville following riots and revolts over Charles being considered true king. In order to quell this the Treaty was drafted.


Article I: Division of Monarchical power.

The Archduchy of Austria and its ruler Charles will respect all ruling of the Spanish realms, colonies, and territories by Respecting Queen Alexis of Spain's position to rule as she pleases within the Spanish Realms

The Queen of Spain will respect all ruling of Austrian Realms and territories by respecting Charles position in Austria to rule as he pleases in Austrian Realms. 

Article II: Splitting of Realms between the Sons

The Kingdoms of Spain (Castile and Aragon) and the Archduchy of Austria will split upon the death of either monarch and control of each realm will revert to sons. Phillip will rule Spain, while Ferdinand will rule Austria. This is done to prevent Succession wars and to keep the stability of both realms.

Article III: Immigration to colonies

To protect Spanish interests in her colonies only a small amount of Austrians per year will be allowed to immigrate to Spanish colonies this number will be set at 1500 per year to all territories the Spanish crown controls. and no territory will exceed 500 colonists per year as to prevent a flood of settlers to a certain area. 


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