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Acadian Confederation
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Acadian Confedration image
Flag of Acadian Confederation
Acdian Confedration Map image
Location of Acadian Confederation

"We Live On" (English and French)

Anthem "State Of Maine Song"
Capital Bar Harbor
Largest city Ellsworth
Language English and French
Religion Catholic and Protestant
Ethnic Groups
French and English
  others French Canadian
Demonym Acadian
Government Constitutional Republic
  legislature House Of Congress
President Andrew Genovese
  Vice President: Keith Blackstone
Speaker of The House Jason Lefube
Supreme Justice David Dyer
Population 352,506 
Established 1984
Currency American Dollor

Doomsday (1983)

When the reports of nuclear war came in an hour before the bombs would hit the Local Government of Mount Desert Island decided to mobilize its police force and store away its emergency vehicles not having to worry about looting due to the rural nature of the island. Also thanks to the batteries of the emergency vehicles being disconnected, after being stored in the police station’s garage which was lined with sheet metal which was sealed with spray foam in hopes of saving the vehicles this countermeasures saved all vehicles parked inside the garage along with 2 Ham Radio and 20 Police Radios, But anything outside the garage was destroyed.

Formation Of The Acadian Confederation (1984-1986)

By New Year's Eve 1984 all contact with the outside world had ceased and food supplies were low this meant that the island fell under multiple Warlords that fought over the remaining food. But, The Mount Desert Law Enforcement of 18 police officers with help from the Town's Militia were able to build a wall around Bar Harbor and keep the warlords at bay while feeding Bar Harbor's population via fishing and some farming. However, By Christmas Eve 1985 the warlords had united temporally to destroy Far Harbor this made the Mayor so desperate he ordered radio broadcast sent out via both HAM Radios. However, A week later on February 6th 1985 the USS Kidd and USS Scott showed up in the Harbor along with 722 navy sailors that were on their way to Portsmouth to check for survivors when they heard the radio transmission. Thus by July of 1986 the combined forces of the Police Department, US Navy Sailors, and Bar Harbor Militia which in total equaled 1,250 Soldiers had won against against the warlords and reconquered the island setting up a heavy blockade on the bridge to the mainland. Afterwards a vote was held on whether they should form a new nation and who should be the Leader of the new Nation. By November 1986 it was decided the new nation would be called the Acadian Confederation and that the first Prime Minister of Acadia would be John Du Hoc. Also because only 4 police cruisers were still operational by 1986 the Acadian Rangers were introduced as a Paramilitary Police Cavalry Force being used as a mounted police force in peacetime and becoming the elite special forces of the Acadian Army in wartime. 

Northern Expeditions (1986-1990)

Three years after Doomsday the people of Acadia sent two diplomatic expeditions to Bangor and Augusta in hopes of contacting other survivors or remnants of the State Government, Out of both expeditions of 20 men only 4 made it back from both expeditions. This early defeat made many military leaders in Acadia’s Armed Forces change how they conducted their expeditions to the mainland, With military escorts of 10 fully armed Acadian Rangers guarding trade caravans or exploration teams. However, When raiders began attacking Acadian Army road blocks on the bridge to mainland with automatic machine guns and rocket launchers, a team of 60 elite Acadian Rangers was sent to nearby military installations and national guard armories in the area to secure any military hardware that might be used against them or would be useful to Acadia. But, When by New Year's Eve they hadn't returned after being sent out the worst was assumed. Thus a second expedition was sent out and surprisingly found 40 of the 60 expedition members had fortified the Winterport NSGA along with 40 members of the original joint U.S. Army and Navy garrison of the island that had protected it for the better part of 3 years. Also because of the base’s location Acadia poured lots of manpower and resources into making the base a heavily fortified outpost for Acadia on the mainland making future expeditions much easier do the explorers having a safe place to prepare themselves after crossing the bay. 

Contact With Canada (1990-1991)

The first signs that Acadia wasn't alone in the area is when the makeshift radar at Winterport NSAG started picking up radar contacts out to sea in November of 1990 and in February of 1991 when the USS Kidd reported being hailed by unknown aircraft near the coast of Nova Scotia. This caused a panic in the Acadian military’s higher ranks with some even speculating that it was Soviets preparing to invade Maine. However, Luckily General Lindon J. Mitchell the supreme commander of the Acadian armed forces proposed on March 8th 1991 that they send the USS Kidd to Halifax to see if the unknown forces they were encountering were Canadian rather than Soviet or Chinese invasion forces. Thus his proposal was accepted and the USS Kidd was sent to Halifax where it made contact with Canadian forces and traded information and fresh fish for machine parts that Canada was still able to manufacture due to some of its industrial base being out of the range of EMP blast following the nuclear detonations. Also this mutal trade agreement between the two nations evetually flourished into a military and economic alliance between the two states. With fish, textile, and lumber from Acadia being traded for things like machine parts, wheat, and canned food. This trade relationship helped both nations establish the East Coast Trade Agreement or E.C.T.A for short, which allowed both nations to trade freely.      

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