Timeline: New America

OTL equivalent: Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia
Flag of Acadia(Newamerica) Acadiaseal
Flag of Acadia Seal of Acadia
Acadia in light purple

Seek Freedom (English)

Anthem "Freedom's Anthem"
(and largest city)
  others French
Demonym Acadian
Government Republic, Democracy
  legislature Parliament of Acadia
Prime Minister Dale Graham
Population 2,326,862 
Established 2006
Independence from Canada
Currency Continental Dollar
Organizations American Union
Acadia is a maritime nation located on the north east coast of North America. The country was formed out of the North American Treaty and the relation of the cultures between the islands and areas. The country is currently controlled by the Liberal-Conservative Party.

Politics and Government

The country is currently a elected parliament with a first-past-the-post system of elections. The power of the nation is held in the Acadian Parliament and the Current Prime Minister Dale Graham along with his cabinet. Elections are held every five years on a fixed term limits, unless a motion of no confidence is called, in all fifty parliamentary districts.

Political Parties

There are two main political parties in Acadia, the Liberal-Conservative Party and the Social Democrats. The Liberal-Conservative Party has held most political positions throughout the nation since its founding due to the broad coalition of former politicians that range from social liberalism to conservatism. The Social Democrats are made up of most former members of the New Democratic Party. Another growing party is the Green Future Party which in the latest 2009 General election captured there first seat in Parliament.

Party Name Leader Specturm Seats in Parliament (50 in total) Seats in AU AU Party Seats in Nova Scotia /Newfoundland and Labrador/Prince Edward Island/New Brunswick Assembly Local Council seats
Liberal-Conservative Party Dale Graham Liberal, Classical Liberalism, Conservatism 31 4 American People's Party 18/20/12/15 503
Social Democrats Darrell Dexter Social Liberalism, Progressivism 18 2 Social Democrats and Progressives 9/5/14/15 356
Green Future Party Gordon Benn Green politics, Progressivism 1 1 Green Activists 1/1/0/0 102
Acadian Rights Party Michael Nester Contiscepticism, Conservatism 0 0 American Conservatives and Reformers 1/2/1/0 76
Socialist Solidarity Cameron Tue Socialism 0 0 Group of Socialists and Leftests 0/0/0/0 26

The Acadian Parliament.

2006 General Election

The first ever election was held on November 20th, 2006 where the two main parties, the Liberal-Conservatives and the Social Democrats, tried to form the first government and eventually shape the nation's future. The leader of the Liberal-Conservatives, Karen Casey, led the party to a landslide victory. She advocated for former Canadian ideas like Universal Health Care and social order. The Social Democrats, led by Darrell Dexter, had a hard time capturing there base in Urban areas and other areas in Nova Scotia. In the end the new Liberal-Conservative government introduced Universal Health Care or the UHC, minor financial regulation, taxation, and adopted the Continental Dollar offered by the American Union.

Party Seats (50 in total)
Liberal-Conservative Party 38
Social Democrats 12
Green Future 0

2009 General Election

The next General Election was called early due to a slowing economy, slowly growing unemployment, and the financial problems worldwide. The Liberal-Conservative Party puts forward a new leader Dale Graham to address any problem that the party had with a concerned voter base. The tactic may have paid off, the Social Democrats Darrell Dexter ran a very successful campaign, more so than the first time, picking up six seats most in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In the current session the Liberal-Conservatives were able to stave off a recession with new financial regulations, lowered corporate taxes, closing loopholes and deductions, and tightened the belt around public spending, which may have helped lower the unemployment rate to about 5.7%.

Party Seats (50 in total) Change in seats
Liberal-Conservative Party 31 - 7
Social Democrats 18 + 6
Green Future Party 1 + 1

2006 American Union elections

On December 12th, Acadia along with most of the American continent elected members to the American Union Parliament. The Liberal-Conservative Party, representing the American People's Party, already in government said they would try to represent the people by protecting their tax dollars and allowing for free trade. The Social Democrats were able to make a convincing case for a cooperative yet, protecting delegation to the AU to allow the best for the citizens. The Social Democrats, representing the Social Democrats and Progressives, were able to grab three seats tied with there LCP rivals and one seat was won by the Green Future Party, representing the Green Activists.

Party AU Party Seats
Social Democrats Social Democrats and Progressives 3
Liberal-Conservative Party American People's Party 3
Green Future Party Green Activists 1

2011 American Union elections

With elections occurring five years from the first on December 12th (while the Polar Republic and Libertas allowed for voting from December 12th-13th), the Acadian ACaR party, the Acadian Rights Party tried using the rise of Contiscepticism to gain their first seat in the Acadian delegation. Still the Acadian people were unphased from the rise of the movement and due to the large successes of the Social Democrats and Progressives in the AU Parliament they gained a seat from the American People's Party.

Party AU Party Seats Change in seats
Social Democrats Social Democrats and Progressives 4 + 1
Liberal-Conservatives American People's Party 2 - 1
Green Future Party Green Activists 1 -