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Flag of Eritrea

Abyssinia | State of Abyssinia | ሃገረ ሐበሻ | Hagere Ḥābešā (Tigrinya)

Capital: Asmara

Largest city: Asmara (649,024)

Official language: Tigrinya

Co-official language: English

Other languages: Afar, Arabic, Beja, Bilen, Kunama, Nara, Saho

Ethnic groups: 82.5% Tigrinya, 3.6% Saho, 3.2% Afar, 2.7% Kunama, 1.9% Bilen, 1.8% Rashaida, 1.3% Nara, 1.1% Beja, 1.9% others

Religions: Monophysite Christianity (81.3%), Catholic Christianity (4.6%), Protestant Christianity (2.7%), Ishmaelism (1.8%), African traditional religion (1.5%), Others (1.9%), Non-religious (6.2%)

Demonym: Abyssinian

Government: Republic | Single-party presidential

President: Isaias Afewerki

Legislature: National Assembly

Independence (from the Ethiopia): 24 May 1991

Area: 117,604 sq km

Population (2012): 6,233,682

Currency: Nakfa (ABN)

Internet TLD: .ab

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