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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln seated, Feb 9, 1864
16th President of the United States
In office:

March 4, 1861 - November 19, 1863

Preceded by: James Buchanan
Succeded by: Hannibal Hamlin
Member of the United States House of Representatives from Illinois
In office:

March 4, 1845 - March 4, 1849

Preceded by: John Henry
Succeded by: Thomas Harris

February 12 1809, Hodgenville, Kentucky

Died November 9 1884, Chicago, Illinois
Nationality: American
Political party: Republican

Mary Todd

Children: Robert, Edward, William, Thomas
Alma mater:


Occupation: Politician, Lawyer
Religion: Non-denominational Christian

Abraham Lincoln was an

Aamerican soldier and politician who served as the 16th President of the United States (1861 - 1863). He was the first US President to be impeached.

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