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Flag of Abkhazia

Abkhazia | Republic of Abkhazia | ႠႴႱႬႳ ႠႾჅႳႬႯႷႠႰႠ | Aphsny Axwynthqarra (Abkhaz)

Capital: Akwa

Largest city: Akwa (143,716)

Official language: Abkhaz

Other languages: Armenian, Caucasian, Turkish

Religions: Orthodox Christianity (65.1%), Abkhazian Native Religion (8.0%), Monophysite Christianity (5.9%), Alevism (4.2%), Catholic Christianity (1.1%), Others (1.5%), Non-religious (14.1%)

Demonym: Abkhazian

Government: Republic | Unitary semi-presidential

President: Aleksandr Ankvab

Prime Minister: Leonid Lakerbaia

Legislature: People's Assembly

Independence (from Turkish Empire): 23 July 1918

Area: 8660 sq km

Population (2014): 525,362

Currency: Apsar (ABK)

Internet TLD: .ap

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