Abijah of Israel
אבים בן-רחבעם
King of Israel

Abijah of Israel.png
King of Israel
King of Israel
Reign 913 BC - 909 BC
Predecessor Rehoboam of Israel
Successor Asa of Israel
Spouses 14 wives
House House of David
Father Rehoboam of Israel
Mother Maacah
Born 952 BC
Died 909 BC
Religion Judaism

Abijah of Israel, (Jerusalem 952 BC - Jerusalem 909 BC) was the fifth king of the Kingdom of Israel, mainly mentioned in the Bible. He ruled 4 years Israel, between 913 BC and 909 BC.

Early in his reign, the King of Tyre, Astartus, had broken off the existing economic and military alliance between the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Phoenicia from the time of King Solomon. It was in the year 912 BCE when the armies of Israel moved against Phoenicia, which quickly fell into the hands of Israel. Astartus fled the country, is said, to Assyria, where he later died. After the victory, Abijah made ​​a celebration in the name of the Almighty God, saying: "Glory to Yahweh, the God of the armies of Israel, which has put us to our enemies at our feet. Holy is His name and His wisdom is huge..."

As is written in the Bible, "Abijah did what pleases the Lord." Abijah died in 909 BC, after having ruled four years over Israel; his successor would be his son Asa.

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