Abedabun Istu
Nunavut First Minister, Nunavut NLP leader Former Polar Alliance leader
Born July 30th, 1970
unknown, Nunavut
Title First Minister
Years Active Since 2005
Predecessor none
Successor none
Political party Native Lands Party of Nunavut
Religion Aboriginal
Spouse Kendrick Smalls
Children 5

Abedabun Istu (First name: sight of day, last name: sugar) is a Aboriginal rights activist, former leader of the revolutionary Polar Alliance, delegate to the North American Treaty and current First Minister of Nunavut. Abedabun was born somewhere in northern Nunavut and moved to Iqaluit early in her life to become educated and devote her life to having a free arctic country. In 2005 she rallied up some old tribe members she knew and created the Polar Alliance with about 50,000 across the four provinces and Alaska. Her influential group was given a voice at the North American Treaty and eventually was allowed to form the new country, with the territory of Greenland, the Polar Republic. She was elected in 2006, and 2010 to the Nunavut Assembly were she serves as First Minister.


Her 2012 book, Revolution, recalling the events in 2006 and their aftermath sold about 20 million copies worldwide about her life, the short lived Polar Alliance, and what she plans to do in the future. She recalled life with her family and the ironic nature of her name: "My name [Abedabun] means 'Sight of Day' to see through the fog, be a leader but also rebel against what is wrong." She also said that she would run as a Member of Parliament or as a MAP in the near future.

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