Abe Bootsma

Treasurer of Frisia
4 May 1990 – 23 February 1993

Predecessor Inka Herrema
Successor Wessel Bakema
Born 9 May 1942
The Hague
Spouse Minke Baarda
Political Party Green Conservative Party
Religion Judaism

Abe Bootsma (born 9 May 1942) is a Frisian politician and former Green Conservative Premier for Esbjerg. He is best known for his period serving as Treasurer, from 1990 until 1993. He was elected to King Wate III's Privy Council in 1998.

Early life

Bootsma was born in The Hague and raised in Groningen, where his father was a dentist. He was educated at Mosselstad School and read Economics at Wibder College, Utrecht, where he was Chairman of the Utrecht University Green Conservative Association and President of the Utrecht University Union Society in 1964. He also took part in the Frisian-Speaking Union's tour of Argentina.

Corporate career

Before entering the Denkern he worked for Steinfjord & Sons, the investment bank, and became Director of Steinfjord Asset Management.