Abdallah Salem
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Abdallah Salem
Portrait of Abdallah Salem

Born: January 8, 1979
Brooklyn, NY
Died: N/A
Political Party: Democrat
Religion: Muslim
Profession: Lawyer
Abdallah Salem was born in Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY on January 8, 1979, to Cole Salem (Father) and Amira Salem (Mother). Abdallah was raised in a low-income household and was raised in Nostrand houses in Sheepshead bay until 1986. His family then moved to Marcy houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant where his father was shot and killed in what was a suspected gang killing on December 23, 1989. His mother later moved to private housing in a Coney Island Apartment building in 1990 where Abdallah lived until 2000. Abdallah attended Brooklyn Technical High School from 1993-1997. In 1997, his best friend, Ahmed White, was killed by law enforcement officers while leaving a subway station in Downtown Manhattan. Since then Abdallah wanted to fight against systematic racism and wanted to become a civil rights lawyer. Abdallah then applied to and was accepted into Yale law school and received a JD degree from Yale law school in 2004. He has been very successful since, founding his own, Manhattan-based law firm and accumulating an impressive net worth of 900 Million USD from his law firm as well as real estate. Abdallah Salem currently resides in a Midtown penthouse. Abdallah Salem is a left-leaning Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential election and has focused heavily on eliminating racism and curbing gang violence.
Abdallah poster

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