Abdallah Salem
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Abdallah Salem
Portrait of Abdallah Salem

Born January 8, 1979
Brooklyn, NY
Died N/A
Political Party Democrat
Religion Muslim
Profession Lawyer
Abdallah Salem was born in Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY on January 8, 1979, to Cole Salem (Father) and Amira Salem (Mother). Abdallah was raised in a low-income household and was raised in Nostrand houses in Sheepshead bay until 1986. His family then moved to Marcy houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant where his father was shot and killed in what was a suspected gang killing on December 23, 1989. His mother later moved to private housing in a Coney Island Apartment building in 1990 where Abdallah lived until 2000. Abdallah attended Brooklyn Technical High School from 1993-1997. In 1997, his best friend, Ahmed White, was killed by law enforcement officers while leaving a subway station in Downtown Manhattan. Since then Abdallah wanted to fight against systematic racism and wanted to become a civil rights lawyer. Abdallah then applied to and was accepted into Yale law school and received a JD degree from Yale law school in 2004. He has been very successful since, founding his own, Manhattan-based law firm and accumulating an impressive net worth of 900 Million USD from his law firm as well as real estate. Abdallah Salem currently resides in a Midtown penthouse. Abdallah Salem is a left-leaning Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential election and has focused heavily on eliminating racism and curbing gang violence.
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