al-Khilāfah al-‘Abbāsīyyah, Abbasid caliphate
OTL equivalent: Persia, Levant, Iraq Arabia and Egypt
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Khalifat Al Abbasiyyah
The Caliphate by 800
(and largest city)
  others Greek Dialects, Latin, Hebrew, Coptic
Religion Sunni Islam
Demonym Mahometan, Saracen (by Christians)
Government Theocratic Empire
Khalif Rasul Allah Ibn Islam
Established 757
Currency Dinar al Rum

The Abbasid caliphate is the biggest dominating power of the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East controlling the small remaining trade to India and The Shahnate of Persia as well as East Africa.

Its capital is Baghdad founded near Ctesiphon in the Persian-captured territory.

It's mostly Islamic due to the aggressive expansion of Islam from its predecessor Umayyad caliphate

Rise to power

The Abbasids arose to power due to the continuous downfall of the Umayyads who had been losing terrain to the Romans and eventually to the Bulgars and that the Abbasid family gained power in the Shi'a dominated Persia. It was during the revolt of 757 when the Abbasids gained full control of the caliphate leaving only the hard lands of the Anatolian regions where many Umayyad family members hid and successfully survived the Abbasid persecution. They managed to form an army to fend them of Anatolia, they were as well helped by the fact of the secession of Egypt that wouldn't last too long
Abbasid influences

Islamic Influence


The biggest influence was and is the Umayyad caliphate which still has many followers in the Levant and Egypt.

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