Aamsterk and Orid
Aamsterk and Orid
Timeline: Unknown Landmass (Map Game)
AamsterkOridFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Language Sterkish
Demonym Sterkish, Oridian
Aamsterk and Orid is a loose federation descended from two tribes: the Sterkish people and the Oridian people. They live at the mouth of the Tayuo River.


The main language in both parts of Aamsterk and Orid is Sterkish, a phonetic-based language like English. Its verb tenses are arranged in a format similar to OTL French. A noun is made plural by adding an 'r' and sometimes a vowel before it if necessary, with few exceptions.


The Sterkish and Oridians mainly hunt small game and fish. Their clothing is woven from the unusually colourful wild grass by the Tayuo riverbanks. Hunting is usually done with paretar, or boomerang-like sticks that are thrown at the ground and bounce towards the target. For medium game and fish, stone spears are used. The au fruit is considered a rare delicacy, as it grows away from the river Tayuo.

The females are considered superior to the males by the Oridians, but the Sterkish do not consider either gender to be superior. The Sterkish have no currency and barter, though the Oridians use peiloner, or diamonds as currency.

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