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What will happen if Von Braun has his way to launch a satellite before Sputnik?


1946-1955: Similar to America first in space timeline, but a divergence point occurs when the higher officials decides to give Von Braun a go due to the atmosphere permeated by Truman's realisations of the implications if America has its edges in space technologies, despite Von Braun's dark Nazi past.

1956: On July 4th, 180 years since the formation of the United States of America, a Project Orbiter satellite is launched into orbit, making America the first nation to launch an artificial satellite.

1957: Soviet Union responded by launching Sputnik 1 into orbit.

1958: Creation of NASA.

1961: NASA astronaut Alan Shepard becomes the first man in space, but later that year Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is launched into orbit, spurring the US president to set a national goal to land on the Moon.

1969: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the Moon.

1991: The Soviet Union dissolves.

2015: LIGO discovered the gravitational waves.

2016: LIGO announced the gravitational waves discovery. 70th anniversary of the launch of the mankind's first artificial satellite.

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