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Sem a Europa

You are invited to reflect briefly on the most basic and obvious concepts that we can have about this title. We may think that without Europe, the humanity would never have the technological advances that it has today. Or maybe the world would never be fully discovered. Or maybe the world could be more peaceful without colonialism and slavery. But how would be the American continent without Europe? And how would be the relationship between African and Eastern peoples? If you are interested in these topics, welcome to A World without Europe.


Geological concepts

65 million years ago, shortly after the fall of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs on Earth, there was another minor meteor that ended up destroying the region which later become Europe in OTL. This prevented the formation of any land mass in that region, leaving only a vast and warm ocean (cold to the north). No island was formed in the center of this ocean, but some formed around it (near the continents), and some formed near the ice in the north. Some species of fish appeared in this ocean. This meteor did not affect the climate and geography in the rest of the world.

Concepts of humanity

Sem a Europa 4

Ethinical map of the World.

In 10,000 BC, there are five major racial groups: Caucasians, Africans, Mongoloids, Amerindians and Oceanian Indigenous.

  • Caucasians - They are white, divided into five groups: Central Caucasians, Persians, Arabs, North African and Russian.
  • Africans - They are black, divided into three groups: Saharians, Congolese and South Africans.
  • Mongoloids - They are yellow, divided into seven groups: Mongolians, Sinto-Tibetans, Koreans, Japanese, Indians, Siberians, and Southeast-Asiatic.
  • Amerindians - They are red, divided into seven groups: Arctic, North American (tropical and plain regions), North American (arid), Central American, Amazonian, Central South American, Andeans and Patagonians.
  • Oceanian indigenous - They are people from Australia, New Zealand and other islands of Oceania.
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