He never carried the Cross...

What if Jesus Christ was never crucified? What, appart from his teachings, would his followers have to hold on to? What if his only legacy was "Love one another"? Here, I provide one of the many answers to this question. Without his crucification to hold on to, his followers never really were motivated to spread his word, and Christianity became a small branch of Judaism, then eventually died out when the many Jewish revolts were put down by the Romans.

Nations of the world

Note-worthy nations of the world, in 2013 CE. (Links coming soon)

• The Rylonian Empire

A large Germanic nation that sprang up from a city-state founded by Roman exiles. In modern times they lead the world in technology and industry.

• Eire (Irish) Empire

Ireland unified, and with no Angles or Saxons to strengthen Britain, the tribes and cities were conquered by the Eire.

• Great Rus

There is dispute if it was founded by Scandinavians or Greeks, but Great Rus is the only major nation in Eastern Europe.

• Zhang Dynasty China

After the Song Dynasty fell due to civil and political strife, the Zhang emperor took control. He kept with the Song technological progress and exploited Indian Ocean trade.

• India

India suffered form less rapid advancement unlike their neighbor, Zhang, and was not unified for centuries. Though in recent centuries they have become a major power in Aisa due to industry.

• Srivijaya

An Indonesian empire of islands, the navy was, and had always been, the lifeblood of this country. Thanks to that, they became another world power when Indian Ocean trade became the basis of the civilized world.

• Inka Empire

The Inka were meet by Eire explorers in roughly 1650 CE after the Eire found out about Zhang missions to a "A New World". They were incredibly advanced compared to other New World nations, and were able to earn the respect of the Eire.

• Roman Remnant

The remaining part of the once mighty Roman Empire.

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