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The Fabled Atlantis

Everyone has heard of Atlantis. The fabled land made by the great Greek writer Homer that was buried beneath the ocean. No one exactly knows if Atlantis really was once existent or if it was just a story. But what if Atlantis was more than just a fairytale?

250 Million BC - Pangaea breaks off into the forming continents

150 Million BC - The Antarctica peninsula breaks off of Antarctica and floats off into the ocean

100 Million BC - After a large earthquake the peninsula shatters and turns into a chain of 13 small islands similar to the Hawaiian islands.

50 Million BC - A large volcano forms on one of the islands known in modern times as Pawilulu which is home to the large capital city of Atlantis, Ayalaia

50 Million BC -

                  ((((( TIMELINE WORK IN PROGRESS ))))

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