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A World Apart is a new, CLOSED Alternate History that is the process of creation. Please bear with me as I get pages established. The Point Of Divergence for this alternate history is that the seeds of life that developed into humankind, roughly 3.7 billion years ago, emerged on an entirely different continental system than the one in OTL Earth. There are no supernatural, fantastical or alien additions to A World Apart. It is strictly an Alternate History examining the emergence of human civilization under different geographic conditions.

This timeline was adopted by Upvote in January of 2015.


The World (Blank)

The four continents.

The new world, which will be henceforth be referred to as Haven to distinguish it from OTL Earth and to contribute flavor to the AltHistory, has a radically different geography as compared to OTL Earth, though there are some marked similarities. Both of them contain a massive southern continent comprised of primarily of a large ice shelf. On Haven, this area is known as Polaria. It covers the the southern geographic pole of the planet and remains frozen solid year-round. There are no indigenous populations in Polaria; the area is far too cold and barren to support human life naturally. The massive shelf possesses a great deal of landmass and a huge amount of the planet's fresh water frozen into it. There are a small number of native species in Polaria, such as penguins, seals and a number of seabirds. The only part of Polaria not covered by ice is a peninsula of tundra in the Northeast of the continent. It possesses the only river in Polaria.

The World (Climate)

The climate zones of Haven.

The continents on Haven are far different from those on OTL Earth. There are three continents, two in the east, and one in the west. The western continent is called Analogis, and is the birthplace of human civilization. Analogis has a vast range of terrains, situated from the southern extreme of the southern temperate zone to the northern extreme of the upper temperate zone. Analogis contains several inland seas. It also has a large amount of landmass lying on the equator and throughout the tropic zone, making it the continent with the largest amount of desert in Haven. There are a number of large islands in close proximity to Analogis that are considered to be a part of the continent. Human life is thought to have first emerged in the landmass that would later become the eastern peninsula of Analogis.

The larger of the continents is called Akaris. Akaris is significantly more northerly than Analogis. Only the southernmost peninsula of the continent lies within the tropic zone. The majority of its landmass is situated in the upper tropic zone. It contains a massive inland sea in the center of the continent, around which most of the land arcs. There is only one large island in Akaris, that sits in the center of the inland sea. The rest are minor outcroppings of land that skirt the edges of the continent. Akaris has two large peninsulas that protrude north into the upper polar zone, giving it a decent amount of tundra, compared to Analogis, which possesses no true tundra. Human life migrated to Akaris at a time when the two continents were much closer together, a period of geographic upheaval and tectonic shifts that occurred roughly a million years ago. The hot mantle on which the continents moved was thought to be in violent motion for several thousand years, causing rapid tectonic shift. The mantle has since cooled and calmed, resulting in a much more stable map today.

The smaller eastern continent is called Oka, and lies in close proximity to Akaris, to the northwest. Oka is the smallest continent on Haven. It very much resembles a smaller version of Akaris, with a large inland sea dominating the center of the continent, around which much of the land is formed. It is notable for being a primarily polar continent, with roughly ninety percent of its landmass in the upper polar zone. Human life migrated from Akaris to Oka tens of thousands of years ago, during a period where a land bridge existed between them. That bridge has since been submerged and destroyed, allowing the human life on Oka to follow a different course. Life exists exclusively in the south, where the climate is more bearable.


A large number of city-states exist in a constant flux of war and peace along the southern banks of the Nak River, the most prominent of which is the original city-state of Urd.

Current Timeline

The most recent events in Haven are listed here. See the Historic Timeline to view the entire history of Haven.

40 AU - Nak-Ur declares holy war on all cities along the Nak River that refuse to submit to rule of Urd as the seat of Nak on Haven. Messengers are sent immediately from Jurn and Nadamn indicating their willingness to submit to the rule of Urd. No other dispatches are received over the next few months, leading Nak-Ur to officially declare them as dens of heresy. The war machine of Urd marches to the north, quickly capturing Gheh in early winter.


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