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The author(s) of this timeline are openly seeking contributions to this work.
Feel free to add to edit to your heart's content. Thank you.
We must recognize the chief characteristic of the modern era--a permanent state of what I call violent peace.
-Abraham Lincoln

This is a collaborative timeline. Any help or suggestions, with my consent, is greatly appreciated.

The Observer

For world events prior to The Observer's founding in 1792, see The Archive.


  • The Archive-Database of global headlines since The Observer's foundry until today.
  • Country Profiles-Profiles of existing nations and self-governing states in the present.
  • Former Sovereign States-A database detailing failed nation-states.
  • Supranational Organizations-Profiles of the world's leading supranational unions and IGOs.
  • Science and Technology -Breakthroughs and general development regarding science and technology.
  • Politics-Background into international relations, governmental systems, ideologies, and parties.
  • Economics-Background into various monetary aspects of this timeline.
  • Geography-Database for all ATL geographic terms and references in this Timeline.
  • Exploration-Topics relating to humanity's ever growing curiosity of 'what's out there.'
  • Culture-The development of world culture, both popular and not-so-much.
  • Education-The development of education, systems and alternative means of learning.
  • People-A Who's Who in this Timeline.
  • Conflict-Topics relating to warfare and international disputes.

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