Point of Divergence

The Confederate forces led by Robert E. Lee would have a stunning victory over Union forces at the Battle of Gettysburg. This would be the beginning of the end for the American Civil War after this. Lee would continue to batter Union forces throughout Pennsylvania as he pushed farther up the Susquehanna River as they closed around Philadelphia slowly dwindling time toward the 1864 Presidential Election in the US, and this was the Confederacy's hope that the Union would elect a Peace Democrat. The final major battle would be the Battle of Philadelphia or the Fall of Philadelphia as Generals Lee and Grant would fight for the last time as Mayor Alexander Henry would call for "a safe evacuation of any citizens that wish to leave Philadelphia". The battle would last several days as major fighting was situated about breaking through the outlying defenses to actually get into the city itself and on the third day this would happen. Fighting was fierce but the Confederacy was able to defeat the Union forces led by Grant but with heavy losses on both sides. Grant and Lee would meet and Grant would sign the surrender. In the Election of 1864, Horatio Seymour and David Wilmot would be elected over Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson and the Radical Republican party John Fremont and Thaddeus Stevens. The Washington Peace Treaty of 1864 would decide that Kentucky, the Indian Territory, the CSA Arizona Territory to the Confederacy as Missouri, Maryland and Delaware would stay with the Union. The new border would also have that President Seymour would move the capital to New York, as for the newly free Confederacy they would have a special election in 1866 as Jefferson Davis wished to step down and war hero Robert E. Lee would be elected under the Democratic Party (Southern) banner and would try to work with the smaller parties that were forming.

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