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This timeline is a timeline that I will build until some date, and then it will become a live one.

The live news will start in 2014 and will be detailed.

Basically, here is what happens : a revolution happens in 1909 Germany and, after the treaty of Bern, Germany cedes Elsass-Lothringen to France and, in counterpart, is allowed to join the Entente. After this Russia creates the "Alliance of the Four Empires" with the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Chinese Empire. What will happen in this World War I? What will happen after?

Timeline of important events

June 1909 - German Revolution of 1909

July 1909 - German Revolution succeeds, the new president of the German Republic is the Socialist Helmut Büssmann

August 1909 - Tsar Nikolai II leaves the Entente and creates the New Alliance with Austria.

September 1909 - Büssmann ratifies the treaty of Bern.

Nothing really important happens.

June 1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo.

July 1914 - In the end of the month, World War I begins between the Entente and the New Alliance.

August 1914 - Italy joins the New Alliance and, in counterpart, is given Sud-Tyrol and Istria. Trench warfare begins after a "blitzkrieg" of Germany.

October 1914 - Beginning of the British campaign of Arabia.

November 1914 - Trench warfare begins in Arabia.

December 1914 - Huge advances by Entente troops in China.

March 1915 - Trench warfare begins in China too.

May 1916 - Status quo is over in China.

June 1916 - China surrenders : Tibet and Uyghuria are made protectorates of the United Kingdom, Guangdong is a constitutional republic, Manchukuo is a Japanese puppet state, and Democratic Republic of China is a four-parties (CPC, Kuomintang, Democrats, Imperial Party) democracy.

July 1916 - Troops are moved to East Russia in which, helped by the Japanese, they finally defeat the Russian defence.

October 1916 - A German revolutionary, Hermann Bähl (unknown in our timeline) is sent to Germany to make a socialist revolution happen and to weaken the Western Entente.

November 1916 - The German Socialist Republic is established but Bähl's government does not stop the fight.

December 1916 - Russia is finally defeated, and suffers the loss of Poland, Baltic Countries (now known as Baltic Union) and Poland. Establishment of the Democratic Republic of Russia. Also, Russia loses a lot of territories to UK as protectorates.

January 1917 - Ukraine is under occupation of the Entente forces.

March 1917 - Ottoman Empire is finally defeated. Turkey becomes a minor state with no real influence.

May 1917 - End of the war with the dissolution of Austria-Hungary.

June 1917 - Establishment of the "National Convention of Russia".

August 1917 - Baltic Union becomes just a union of independent states.

May 1918 - Creation of the German Alliance Treaty between Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

October 1918 - Establishment of the "First Provisional Government of Russia", a leftist government led by Kerensky of the Socialist Party of Russia, Kamkov of the Social-Revolutionary League, Lenin of the Workers' Marxist League and Milyukov of the Constitutional Democratic Party.

December 1918 - Internal war in Germany between the hard-line communists and the reformists. Finally the hard-line communists won.

January 1919 - Creation of the Second Entente between Germany and France.

February 1919 - Japan joins the Second Entente.

March 1919 - The government of Russia is no longer provisional and Kerensky becomes the First President of the Russian Republic.

May 1919 - Lenin and Kamkov leave the government to form the "Left Opposition".

July 1919 - Ustryalov, former member of the Socialist Party of Russia, decides to create the National-Socialist Party for a Greater Russia.

September 1919 - The National-Socialists decide to side with the Monarchists and the Republican Conservatives in the "Right Opposition".

November 1919 - First elections in China. the Green-Blue Coalition (Democrats and Kuomintang) is elected, creating a right-wing republican government.

February 1920 - Creation of the League of Nations : permanent council members are France, US, Germany, UK and Japan.

May 1920 - United Kingdom doesn't want to join the Second Entente before the threat arises.

March 1923 - Kamkov is elected Second President of the Russian Republic. But he doesn't have the support of the "Center Group" (SPR-CDP), meaning his presidency has little to no influence.

September 1923 - Creation of the Union of South American Nations. (USAN)

November 1923 - Elections are held in China too. To face the Imperial progression, the "Big Democratic Coalition" is made between Communists, Democrats and Kuomintang.

January 1924 - Lenin dies. Kalinin becomes the leader of the "New Workers' Marxist League" and Trotsky the leader of the "Movement for the International Working Class's Struggle".

May 1924 - The NWML and the MIWCS both join the "Left Opposition".

June 1924 - Hermann Bähl announces his support for the MIWCS.

January 1925 - The USAN joins the Second Entente.

September 1925 - The Right Opposition and the Center Group call for early elections. Request is denied.

January 1926 - US, Netherlands and Belgium enter the "League of Free Nations", an organization with strong links with the Second Entente.

June 1926 - A Tsarist revolt happens in Russia. It is quickly crushed with support from all groups. The Monarchists leave the Right Opposition.

March 1927 - Milyukov becomes the Third President of the Russian Republic.

November 1927 - The Big Democratic Coalition is re-established in China.

June 1928 - Oswald Mosley forms the British National Union. This party attracts voters that wish for a "British World Empire".

May 1929 - In Great Britain, the BNU becomes the third largest party, with 108 seats in the Assembly.

December 1929 - Many Conservatives and Labor ministers defect to BNU.

June 1930 - After a call for early elections, BNU gets 487 on 615 seats. Oswald Mosley becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

October 1930 - Mosley gets full powers and becomes effectively dictator.

January 1931 - Mosley supports the NSPGR in Russia

March 1931 - Ustryalov manages to get elected in Russia, with 52% of the votes and 61% of the seats. He then manages to get full powers, just like Mosley.

November 1931 - Similarly, Imperial Party gets elected in China and restores the Chinese Empire.

February 1932 - Germany now becomes the first military power.

November 1932 - Ustryalovsk becomes the new capital of Russia.

May 1933 - Creation of the "London-Ustryalovsk Axis".

October 1933 - Germany starts research on rockets.

November 1933 - Trotsky flees Russia and goes to Königsberg.

June 1934 - Russia re-militarizes Ukraine.

October 1935 - The Spanish civil war begins.

June 1936 - Franco wins the Civil War.

February 1937 - Russia invades Poland. No action is taken by the Second Entente.

October 1937 - Bähl dies, he is replaced by Friedrich Karringen.

Appendix A : real persons used in this alternate history

Lenin, Kamkov, Ustryalov, Mosley, Kerensky, Milyukov, Kalinin, Trotsky, Nikolai II, Franz Ferdinand, Rommel

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