A Traitor's Reward entertains the question what would have happened had Aaron Burr's conspiracy had been successful. Although no one knows for certain the nature of Burr's plans, most speculate he would have carved out an Empire out of what was the Louisiana Purchase. This timeline is based on that premise.

Aaron Burr was certainly an ambitious man-certainly to a fault. His ambition lead him nearly to steal the Presidential election of 1800. Trying to find another way to the top, he ran for Governor of New York as Federalist. When the New York political mastermind Alexander Hamilton prevented Burr's election, the failed candidate challenged Hamilton to a duel. Burr clearly killed Hamilton after Hamilton had shot off into the air and realized his need to "get out of Dodge." After fallin from political "grace," he conspired with the military governor of the Louisiana Territory to employ farmers, planter, and members of the American military to form a new nation out of the Louisiana Territory as well as portions of what is now Texas.

Burr met with agents from the British government in New Orleans. They agreed to assist his efforts in creating a new empire. After the secret accord was signed by both parties, Burr smiled: no one in the United States appreciated his leadership genius, and no Hamiltons to thwart his plans. He would show Jefferson and the rest. He uttered to himself, "Long live, Emperor Aaron Augustus." Soon everyone would be saying that phrase.

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