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This is basically one heck of an althistory. It also has holes, too, so please stand back.


  • 3.5 Billion Years Ago: The Tornado-Hurricane era begins.
  • Antiquity: Some random things happen
  • 1933: The Nazi party, made up of only idiots, takes over Germany. Because Adolf Hitler was an idiot in this timeline, they only last a year before dying out.
  • 1934: Nazi Germany dies, Germany replaces it. Adol
  • 1977: The Apple ][, a black computer, is released.
  • 1980: The Apple /// fails because it's beige.
  • 1983: The Lisa was successful due to its unique silver color. The Mac gets success in the same way.
  • 1985: A girl discovers how to turn into a tornado. This becomes a popular fad.
  • 1988: Hollywood Video, the largest video store in the world, opens.

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