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What if Hitler was not prejudice like He was in OTL? This is one possibility.

Rise to power (1919-1933)

Hitler's rise to power would be the same as in OTL, Except he would not have directed his hate toward Jews, but toward the Allies in WWI. The Nazis would not hate the Jews, But be Nationalist and Far-Right only, Hitler would promise a strong Germany to combat the Allies, and would rise to power as a result. The Communists would be crushed and Germany would still be Fascist as it was in OTL.

Rise of the 3rd Reich (1933-1940)

The Germans would still attack Eastern European Nations, Seeing it as a way to create a "Greater Germany" However, after the Germans invade Poland. The Allies declare War on The Axis just like OTL. And like OTL, The Third Reich takes over all of Western Europe and is finally halted at the UK and Spain. The UK wins "The First Battle of Britain." The Germans decide not to betray the USSR (they have a new government) and invade Republican Spain. The Spanish fall quickly because they are still rebuilding from their civil war.


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