A new map game! As always here are the rules,


Be realistic!

Someone else must take a turn before you can go again.

Always save your photo as a .PNG


  • 2300 B.C. to 1000 B.C. (During this time, a turn equals 100 years)
  • 950 B.C. to 400 B.C. (During this time, a turn equals 50 years)
  • 375 B.C. to 1000 A.D. (During this time, a turn equals 25 years)
  • 1010 A.D. to 1600 A.D. (During this time, a turn equals ten years)
  • 1605 A.D. to 1800 A.D. (During this time, a turn equals five years)
  • 1800 A.D. to 1960 A.D. (During this time a turn equals one year)
  • 1960 Winter A.D. to 2000 Winter A.D. (During this time a turn equals a half a year, Winter and Summer)

This map game starts at the dawn of Civilization in an alternate world, and lasts until the modern day!

Also try to do Scientific/Cultural/Religious/Economic changes instead of just militaristic ones.

2400 B.C.


2300 B.C.


Civilization first starts in a place called Qart-Hadesh (Purple) and Nubia (Yellow)

City-States from both places begin to fight over Cattle grazing lands.

Multiple city-states in modern Italy begin to emerge.

2200 B.C.

Testament !

Civilization starts in Britain. The people, the Celts, will become the ones who initiate several scientific and medical advances, but only in time.

City-states also start to pop up on the island of Sicily.

2100 B.C.

  • The city-states of Italy begin to fight over farmland.

2000 B.C.

Testaments areawesome

After 300 years of war, Nubia unites and forms the world's first written language.

The Celts create the world's first numerical system.

Canton becomes powerful, and expands greatly.

1900 B.C.

Ages UntoldThe Celts invent the world's first religious system. They are notable for worshiping only one god. The Celts invent a writing system, which consists of 26 letters. The Celts, over hundreds of years of expansion, now cover the whole of OTL England, Wales, and Scotland. The land is known as Celtia.

  • Rome becomes the most powerful of the Italian city-states and conquers most of west Italian coast.

1800 B.C.

Random Names

Nubia rapidly expands.

The Kingdoms of Babilu (Red) and Niwt-Rast (Orange) are created.

Qart Hadesh is united, and because of Nubian support begins massive colonization efforts.

Sicilians are worries about Qart Hadesh so they start colonizing, too.

The Roman Kingdom conquers most of the Italian peninsula and the Alps.

1700 B.C.=


  • The Roman Kingdom begins to enter Greece and France.

1600 B.C.


Sicily is partly invaded by Niwt-Rast and Qart-Hadesh.

While Niwt-Rast is invading Sicily, Nubia goes to war.

In the East, Japan and Goryo form.

Japan and Qart-Hadesh now develop written languages of their own.

Rome conquers most of the Balkan peninsula, more of France, and pushes into south Italy against the Qart-Hadesh.

Maya city-states begin to appear on the Yucatan Peninsula.

1500 B.C.

The Kingdom of Celtia invents the world's first wheel. They also develop the world's first paper, by using some timber. Celtic astronomers build Stonehenge. One man theorizes that each star in the sky is like our Sun. He also concludes that since the Moon is shaped like a circle, the Earth should be too. A Celtic geographer theorizes about the existence of other continents. He also comes up with the theory that there are other civilizations like Celtia out on the world's horizon. All of these theories are true.

1400 B.C.

Rome creates the worlds first marble statues and develops cement as well as makes first contact with the Celts.

1300 B.C.

Chickens are related to T Rex

Bactria forms.

Qart-Hadesh expands like never before.

The Eastern nations all expand.

1200 B.C.

A Celtic scientist develops the earliest known perodic table, of whom he believes consist of a breathing element and several other unknown ones. He also creates a theory that the blood in a body circulates from the heart. A Celtic metal-worker invents bronze, by combining copper and iron. Celtia colonizes OTL Ireland.

Rome conquers and parts of the Balkan Peninsula.

Maya civilization extends to Central America.

Incan civilization expands along the Andes Mountains.


1100 B.C.

Drumsticks taste goodRome conquers all of France, Greece, Italy, and most of Spain, Rome also finishes the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus.

Maya expands into more of Mexico.

Incans expand to most of the Andes.

the Mayan city-states unify under one government, they also develop a highly complex system of agriculture, which makes their society the most productive per capita in the world.

1000 B.C.

Chickens are foodRome conquers all of Spain, Italy, as well as Peleponesse and Crete, Rome also begins to invade the Celts and colonize North Africa.

Inca expands to all over the Andes.

The Maya take over most of Mexico and Central America.

Civilization begins to develop in Russia.

Rome and Qart-Hadesh make peace.

Nubia collapses.

Goryo expands.

Rome expands into Germania and begins to colonize East Africa.

950 B.C.

Chickens taste great!

Inca, Babilu, Rome, and Qart-Hadesh, and Canton expand.

Niwt-Rast is divided between Babilu and Qart-Hadesh.

Russia expands massively towards the east.

Rome takes over Germania and takes over most of modern Somalia.

Maya expand south and on parts of modern Cuba.

Inca expand massively south along the Andes Mountains.

900 B.C.

Celtia drives Rome out of its territory. The Celts then sign a treaty with Rome, promising to pay Rome money for four years in exchange for Rome promising to never invade Celtia again.

The Celts invent the catapult launcher, the first true military armor, and the first bow-arrow weapons.

850 B.C.

Thanks to their innovative systems of agriculture, the Mayan Empire has been experiencing huge population grow. They expand south into South America and north, into the great plains, where they learn to domesticate the buffalo, creating the worlds first cavalry.

800 B.C.

the Mayan population has doubled three times in the past 50 years, thanks to their extremely productive fields. the Mayan empire now stretches around the Caribbean, and most of the islands have been colonized. the Mayans are a great seafaring civilization, with hundreds of ships sailing the Caribbean.

Russia expands.

Canton and Goryo go to War

Celtia surrenders to Rome and pays tribute


750 B.C.


New map.

A civilization called Calanya develops in OTL United States. Also this year, the Mayan Emperor issues his Decree on Absolute Power, saying his powers are absolute and full in scope and can never be taken away, 89% of the population supports this.

The Mayan population expands north into California, up the Mississippi and along the east coast, since all of these places are easily reached by ship. the Mayan population has doubled three times, again.

700 B.C.


Calanya develops its own writing system and spoken language.

the Mayans begin building a massive system of roads and canal connecting their empire, which now spans most of North America, and completely encircles Calanya. the Mayans keeps the Calanyans around because they're entertained by the savages.

650 B.C.

The Calanyans develop a agriculture system, based on the Mayan example. They also develop their earliest form of religion and also start developing a small, primitive army.

600 B.C.

Chickens are Beaked Birds

The Mayan Empire nearly collapses, many places go back to being a barbaric land, The Inca invade and are very successful.

Canton is renamed China and expands.

Iroquois Nation breaks free from the Maya.

550 B.C.


Calayna signs a alliance with the Iroquois Nation. By now, the Calayans have adopted all of the Mayan technology and are producing some very efficient ships. Calayna's army is now the third most powerful in the Americas.

Farther south, the Incans had signed a truce with the Mayans. Now they push south into the center of the Andes.

Over the past 50 years before 550 B.C., the Russians had been expanding, considerably. Their army was powerful, and Russian engineers had developed military armor, swords, and shields. The Russians are now at the Pacific Coast and they have also expanded westwards and slightly south.

500 B.C.


Rome conquers all of non-aligned Europe, including Scandinavia. First contact is made with Russia. Russia promises no intrusions on Roman territory; the Romans promise the same. The two countries begin trading technology. Later in an attempt to create a massive trade empire, Rome invades and conquers all of the Mediterranean Sea and all the countries around it.

The Mayan Empire buys the Isthmus of Panama from the Incas, and expands north into Alaska, and west into Australia and Indonesia. they invent the first steam engine.

After the Mediterranean is conquered Rome launches and invasion of both the Arabian peninsula and Africa. Meanwhile, settlers land in Greenland, India, and OTL Quebec from Rome.

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