To say what might have been, and what can not, goes many ways. There is but only one existing universe for which we as people inhabit, and we can only live and learn within it. There is nothing else we can do or say that can change the past, what we can do, though, is dream of a better world. A "stronger loving world", a quote by John Cale, a real world Welsh musician and songwriter. Perhaps his words can put best the face of imagination of the eternal question; what if?

It would be a stronger world, a stronger loving world, to die in.

—- John Cale, from his song "Sanities"

Where Imagination Steps In

On May 10, 1912, The R.M.S. Titanic caught fire just 40 km from the Grand Banks. The captain, Lord Walter Talbot Kerr, authorized to set course for the Standard Oil artificial island; Point Rockefeller, a refueling station for many oil exporting ships. After working on the blaze for 21 hours, it was finally contained on May 12, with over 88 casualties. Lord Kerr was pardoned from all issues regarding the fire, which was caused by a faulty light bulb. News relating to the incident spread almost as fast as the actual fire itself, with responses from the Emperor of Tokyo and Japan on Britain failing ability to control the seas. Ruling the waves was not in the British dictionary, it would seem. Numerous ships over went many renovations, in order to improve both the image of Britain and its ships. Since Britain had not had a ship disaster like this of such magnitude, and such high esteem from the upper class was the liner was the Britain White Star, many felt uneasy about travel on the waters. As the price of oil raised, due to higher demand, ship traveling became less and less common since its safety was in question. Yet, by next year, focus had already turned to rising trouble in Germany as a new Kaiser had heightened tension between the great powers. War seemed near.

On March 23, 1915, the Great War commenced.

Passing Strange

Behind the veil of American governmental secrecy, lived a more terrible monster. Many rumours of conspiracy came through the grapevine like water from the Niagara Falls. Nixon had, for the last 13 years, been the most sound and successful United States president the nation had ever seen.

During the War in the Falkland Islands in 1996, Admiral Douglas Stromhold found that the stress of the job was too much for him, and he respectfully resigned his service in the navy, citing the reasons as "lack of interest". Replaced by a more experienced in July 1996, the war was turned in victory of the Americans, British, and Brazil, and against the weakening Argentina. Alone and without a cause, Argentina surrendered on March 1997, with over 50,000 casualties. Throughout the war, many tragedies happened in the Falklands. The U.S.S. Montana, under the command of Captain Romeo Scott suffered shelling from a nearby Argentine base on the Falklands. The Captain was killed in the first initial attack, yet next-in-command Commander Kurt Cobain to charge and managed to destroy the base, saving the lives of those onboard. Commander Cobain was later awarded the Navy Cross and officially promoted to Rear Admiral in April 2010.

World Trade Center 1982 (A Stronger Loving World)

The World Center Towers, standing tall in the New York sky in 1982, being a testament in the architectural developments of the times.

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