Previous Nuclear attack at USA and allies (CYOAH)

Fortunately, the Nazis did not have enough ICBM's to initiate a total nuclear winter, and some of the aforementioned nukes were shot down over the ocean before they could make contact. Nevertheless, the United States and the Soviet Union were furious, and scramble every last soldier, aircraft, tank, preparing for another attack, while launching hundreds upon hundreds of nukes, which not only annihlate every city in Greater Germany, but also fry many small towns, and a good portion of the surrounding countryside. After one week, anyone left on the European continent had died of radiation sickness, along with many people in northern Africa, and Eastern Asia. After a month, nuclear winter begins to take effect, crippling the already hurt Soviet Union. After six months, the death toll continues to rise, and the Soviet Union dissolves.

A decade after the destruction of Nazi Germany, the nuclear winter begins to lessen, and the world sees what has happened to the Eastern hemisphere; All of Europe, the Middle East, Eastern Asia, and one hundred miles south of the Mediterranean coast in Africa have been forsaken; no life will grow there for years to come. Billions die across the planet, India and China being hardest hit. Australia, however, prospers, due to increased rainfall from its surrounding shallow sea (formed from the massive sea level drop caused by nuclear winter) Now, it has continent-wide agricultural fields, and limitless supply of salt and fresh water (from the nearby Antarctic ice sheets). Brazil is the only stable country left in South America, as the rest have fallen into anarchy (as have all of Asia and Africa). The United States loses a large amount of crops and people, but not enough to remove its status as a world power.

Brazil, Australia and the United States are all that is left, what do they do?

  • Go to war! Last country standing gets to rule over the Earth!

Jazon Naparleon 19:52, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

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