In our timeline there were a lot of unsuccessful socialist revolutions and leaders in Europe. This timeline would turn these unsuccessful attempts at socialism into successful attempts.


Union of Austro-Hungarian Socialist Republics (UASR)

After a successful socialist revolution in Hungary in 1918, inspiring other socialists in Austria and Czechoslovakia to revolt. These were also Successful and all of the countries end up unifying.

Union of Benelux Socialist Republics (UBNLSR)

A socialist country in the Benelux region of Europe where the Communist Parties of each Republic got voted in due to people wanting equality and no wealth gap.

Union of British Socialist Republics (UBSR)

Socialism was strife in the UK during the war in our timeline but what if it turned in to a revolution leading to a Monarchy in exile in Canada. The UBSR would retain a the European colonies and the other colonies would be under the rule of the Monarchy in exile.

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