A single approval can change history, examples include the United States almost starting a war with the British Empire,or when Hitler refused to listen to his advisors and demanded the defense of Stalingrad, ultimately leading to one of the worst battles that caused him the war.

In this timeline, when Omar Bradley proposed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the use of nuclear weapons be allowed under General MacArthur, instead of getting a 'No', the Chiefs approved, and thus, during the Korean War, MacArthur ordered nearly fifty atomic bombs on Pyongyang and dozens of Chinese Cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as other military targets.

And thus,the world changed, where Communism was repressed with atomic fury where the United States still dominated the world economically, militarily and politically and where the Southern Hemisphere would rise from the ashes of the North.

Enter the world of A Single Approval.


~October 1950: Two Hundred Thousand Chinese soldiers march into North Korea, battling the UN forces stationed there and forcing them to retreat.

~November 2, 1950: Battle of Ulsan, after the retreat of American forces, the Chinese looked to the sky and saw dozens of jets-and a single bomber ... and at 3:26 AM, a bomb was dropped, detonating with a 1MT Yield, instantly killing nearly 5000 Chinese soldiers and spreading radiation across hundreds of km.

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