In 1941 the Soviet Union was in serious threat of falling to the Nazis. The Germans were on the gates of Moscow as the Russians hunkered down for the battle of the homeland.


Many people expected the Nazis advance to slow as the seasons changed. Many experts predicted the worst Russian Winter in decades. Unfortunately the experts were very wrong. What occurred was one of the best Russian Winters in decades. With highs in the upper fifties and lows never exceeding thirty.

Nazis Supply were able to quickly reach and reinforce the troops as they entered Moscow in late 1941. Stalin wanting to set an example to fight to the last man remained in the city against the wishes of his staff and generals. As fighting became block to block Stalin retreated into his bunker. The fighting was street by street. Zhukov was running largely with a rag tag army against the well supplied nazis. Despite this the Russians did the best they could and held the city for months.

In May of 1942 the city was surrendered to the Germans. Stalin narrowly escaped along with Zhukov. The Russians fled the city with massive casualties. As such the Russian Military was on the verge of collapsing.

To the Urals

The Russians fell back towards the Urals. What remained of the Russian Military set up defense on the other side of the Ural Mountains. This seemed to work. The Germans were held to the west of the Ural Mountains by Zhukov's forces.

Germany looked for help in the campaign against the Russians. They turned to their ally in wartime the Empire of Japan.

Two Front War

In the late summer of 1942 Japanese Forces stationed in Manchuria invaded Russia from the north. This created a situation the Russians couldn't handle. Germans poured in from the west and Japanese from the east. General Zhukov along with Stalin were captured in February 1943 by Waffen SS Units, but not before issuing an order to the few tattered remaining forces to disband and flee into the hills to commit Gorilla Warfare and resist the occupiers.

German forces are tied down and unable to assist in North Africa which has been invaded by the Western Allies months earlier. Japan and Germany has to allot a large number of troops to Russia to deal with what has become their version of Vietnam. However the control of Russia gives the Axis some ideas...

American Response

Axis Forces just across the Bering Strait threatened American Security and alarmed the public as well as leaders. The fear of invasion is everywhere in America. To make matters worse Alaska is bombed by the Axis across the water.

America decides its biggest priority is dealing with the problem only sixty miles away. All operations are put on hold as the Pacific Forces concentrate on the liberation of Russia. The plan is to invade next spring (1944) to avoid the Russian Winter.

The Invasion of Alaska

In July 1943 Axis Forces hit the beaches of a reinforced Alaska. A combined German and Japanese Forces arrived at Wales Alaska led by the recently defeated Erwin Rommel and Homma Masahura. The defenders were led by George Patton who's third army had recently been pulled back from Europe. Just like in Africa Rommel was defeated by Patton as his men annihilated the invaders.

The defeat caused Hitler to remove Rommel of his command and Masahura faced similar difficulties. Command of Axis Forces in the region was moved to Fedor Von Bock. Bock would be preparing for a defensive war however.

America was in uproar. America Focused solely on eliminating the new threat in the Pacific and moved Eisenhower and his forces back from Europe. The invasion caused a delay in the United States invasion of Russia

The Invasion of Russia

On June 6th, 1944 American Forces hit the beaches of Lavrentiya. This surprised the Axis Command who believed the invasion was to take place Uelen. Hitler himself was certain of this and ordered the bulk of defense to Uelen.

The American Forces aided by the Gorillas in the area who took out the heavy weaponry in the area beat back Bock's forces in the area. Bock needed the aid of Panzers stationed in Uelen but was unable to reach Hitler to get permission to move the Panzer. The Americans established a beach head over the next few days. Soon the Panzers arrived and nearly defeated the Americans who were able to hold on.

Hitler was furious and committed the bulk of his forces to Russia. The Russian people who held some resistance and perpetrated sabotage against the Germans were now up in arms. As news traveled across Russia The people opened up into full scale revolt. The Germans responded with massacres and genocide, notably the killing of forty thousand in the Moscow Ghetto.

The Beginning of the End

The Invasion Forces split into two teams. One led by MacArthur went south into Manchuria, the other traveled west into Russia. In both Fronts the Americans were welcomed as liberation, even though the Russians were still weary of the capitalist forces.

The resistance and Gorillas had a strained relation with the America. They wanted a communist Russia to come out of the war while the Americans obviously didn't see eye to eye with this idea. However they cooperated to held remove the Germans from Russia. The campaign in Russia was long as the Americans had to cross the vast nation.

MacArthur's forces liberated Manchuria in October 1944 and soon turned on the Korean Peninsula. The Japanese heavily resisted the Advancing forces but ultimately in August 1945 they were drive out of Korea and went back to prepare for the defense of the Home Islands.

Eisenhower and his forces continued westward, although meeting resistance, without much pushing them back. That is until hitting the Urals were the Germans had dug in similar to the Russians some years prior. The US halted as they prepared a crossing.

Meanwhile in March 1945 The British hit the beaches in Normandy France causing a two front war. The British are led by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. The Nazis pull back their forces as the British pose the biggest threat (being the closest to Berlin). This allows Eisenhower the opportunity to cross the Urals in a bloody battle that claims nearly one hundred thousand.


Japan is hunkered down awaiting an invasion that will never come. In August 1945 President Truman elects to use the Nuclear Bomb against the Japanese. Ultimately Japan surrenders because of the Atomic Attack and Truman is free to send MacArthur's Forces to aid Eisenhower who has recently liberated Moscow. Meanwhile the British Forces have been defeated in France (due to heightened German Forces in the area) and Montgomery is captured and sent to Oflag 79 where he waited out the war.

With the Nuclear Option on the table the Atomic Bomb is used by bombers stationed in London against Hamburg in October 1945. An angry Hitler calls this an act of Terrorism and vows to fight on. The US threatens to repeat the action if Germany doesn't surrender by the end of October. At about the same time American Forces finally reach the Black Sea.


Germany is forced to surrender as they suffer two more nuclear attacks in 1945 and Bocks forces are decimated by a tactical nuke in early 1946. In the ensuing peace A Pro-America Puppet Government is set up in Germany and a puppet regime in Russia. There is no Cold War as there is no Communist Government to oppose the US.

Future Uncertain

Predicting how things would turn out at this point is pretty hard, but one can only hope for a better post-war world.

Its amazing how a simple change in the weather could change everything.

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