Timeline:Morgen die ganze Welt spinoff 

15 Jan 1947   

Hitler dies of complications from Parkinson's disease. He has been all but paralyzed for three months. As sometimes happens with this disease the end came unexpectedly when he developed pneunomia and general organ dysfunction. Two hours before expiring he married his long term girlfriend Eva Braun. Hitler's personal secretary has recorded a verbal political testament but is now lost without a trace. The testament has disappeared too. It is rumored that Göbbels was appointed as the new führer in the testament. None of the nazi big shots was prepared for Hitler's death. A bitter power struggle ensues between Himmler, Göbbels, Göring, Hess, Dönitz.

16 Jan 1947   

Göbbels chokes while having dinner with his family. An autopsy concluded his dinner was laced with cyanide. All the other players in the power struggle deny involvement in his murder. The cook is arrested and hanged by the Gestapo. The next day, Julius Streicher personally writes an obituary for Goebbels, noting he died during his "last meal, which seems to be a bit premature"

1 Feb 1947   

Germany and America agree to an peace treaty, with both countries shattered by the war, unable to continue any further. From this moment on, a Cold War has begun. The USA demands that German forces must be withdrawn from Japan. Germany demands that Iceland becomes neutral and no foreign forces may be stationed on the island, which both sides consider to be a buffer zone anyway. Now negotiations begin in earnest. The USA and Germany start calling themselves superpowers.

2 Feb 1947   

Göring declares himself the new Führer of Germany, which angers the rest of the coalition government. Two factions emerge from this declaration. Göring loyalists, led by Dönitz, and the SS, which has the support of half the Wehrmacht.

3 Feb 1947   

Himmler is joined by Hess and Rommel, further polarizing Germany.

7 Feb 1947   

Hermann Goring is nearly killed in a car bomb. German propaganda blames the SS when it was in fact Stauffenburg, who is a rank and file German army officer. Later on, there is a botched attempt to arrest Himmler, Hess and Rommel.

9 Feb 1947   

Rommel gets the 3rd Wehrmacht division together in a "march to Berlin". But this action causes Rommel to break off with Himmler, adding a third faction in the civil war. The 3rd division meets heavy resistance to a Waffen SS unit 3 miles outside the city boundaries. With the outcome a stalemate, Rommel retreats.

12 Feb 1947   

The British resistance takes the opportunity created by the disturbances in the Reich to launch a full scale Uprizing. German occupation forces are hard pressed to contain the uprising, and re-enforcements are called for.

14 Feb 1947

To make matters worse, France also rises up. However there are far more German troops in France, and most French support the Nazis, due to the Atom bombing of Paris.

16 Feb 1947   
Rio De Janeiro

Harry Truman calls a conference for North and South American nations to create its own sphere of influence. In the meantime, Canada and other British commonwealth territories in the Americas move closer to the United States.

18 Feb 1947   
Rio De Janeiro

The Organisation of American States is Founded, with its HQ in Rio De Janeiro. It would cover all of North and South America.

18 Feb 1947   
Black Forest

A Horten Ho XIII B makes a test flight and achieves a speed of Mach 2 over the Black Forest. The aircraft handles very well. The Horten brothers think that the aircraft can be improved with a stronger BMW-90 engine.

22 Feb 1947

Test flights of the Fi-276 cruise missiles are very encouraging. The missile has a range of 2000 km using a Pabst ramjet engine. It uses a Zuse-5 computer with radar mapping for navigation. The system is rudimentary but works surprisingly well. Final target acquisition is by infrared sensor. The type 25 nuclear submarine that is being designed will carry 24 of the projectiles. It will also have room for 12 A-20 rockets that can carry miniaturized plutonium bombs.

25 Feb 1947   

Silverbird is launched from its monorail at DLR (Deutsches LuftRaum) center in Trauen. A maximum effort has been made to make the bird fly in order to intimidate the USA. The rocket rushes east on 3 fiery streaks. The ramjets are discarded after one one minute at 24 km altitude. Fritz Wendel the test pilot becomes the first astronaut at 100 km altitude after two minutes. Three minutes after launch Silverbird is in orbit. 70 Minutes later it explodes over the US. the New metal unfortunately was not as heat resistant as was thought, and the craft's superstructure failed disastrously. construction of further silbervogels is halted while a solution is found.

26 Feb 1947   
White Sands

Work begins on the Hydrogen bomb.

1 March 1947   

An inquiry into the Silverbird's explosion concludes that there was a bomb in the fuselage, which was intended to kill Albert Speer, but the timer was premature. But, evidence about the person who planted the bomb has mysteriously vanished, and remains a mystery to the present day.

2 March 1947   

While Goring gives a Nazi party rally, one of the tanks attempts to fire at him. Ultimately, it is revealed that Himmler had ordered the assassination attempt. Himmler flees to Munich, and takes control of the armies there.

3 March 1947   

Albert Einstein establishes a university in Bogota, Colombia to help the OAS gain leverage in the cold war through technology. It would be a major research facility by the year 1975, with Bogota being nicknamed "the second silicon valley"

4 March 1947   

Himmler loyalists attempt to take the city hall. Rommel's eyes are also fixed on the prize. But the Wehrmacht loyal to Goring put up a fight, ending with Rommel being victorious over the other 2 factions.

6 March 1947   

Goring orders nerve gas be used on the city. But Rommel's fighters intercept and destroy several planes.

7 March 1947   

Goring is nearly killed in a car bomb again. Stauffenberg convinces Werner Von Braun to go to America with him, fearing for his life. This will be the first defection of many in this cold war.

8 March 1947   

Rommel storms in to the Reichstag, personally driving a King Tiger tank through the barricaded doors. Himmler is caught and executed by firing squad. His first order of business in an address to the Nazi Party is to "heal and unify Germany, which has been a Reich divided and thus could not stand." But Goring breaks up the speech and Rommel flees. It is later revealed that be fled to Colombia in exile, where he wrote his memoirs "y mañana ese todo mundo", which was a bestseller.

9 March 1947   

Goring announces that Germany shall have to rebuild from WW2's devastation if it wants to compete with the OAS. As a result, Germany establishes the EU in Berlin. With only Switzerland, Eire and Iceland refusing to join. By this stage, everyone notices something different about Goring, mainly he is thinner and seems healthier. It is revealed that before Hitler's death, He ordered Goring to go to a rehab clinic in Bavaria.

10 March 1947   

Stauffenburg dies when his plane crashes in the Andes. Goring sends a letter to President Truman denying any involvement in his death.

13 March 1947   
Rio De Janeiro

Because of fears about Germany catching on to the H-Bomb, the project is moved to an unspecified location in Latin America.

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