The German empire in 1917 launches an offensive against the western front that reaches Paris. While the offensive nearly destroys the German army it is successful in convincing the western powers that Germany is not ready to surrender. A peace conference is held and a ceasefire is decided on, that begins a cold war. The German Army pulled out of Belgium and most of France, only keeping a small border area for face value only. They demanded to keep territories captured from Russia and the allied powers agreed . Austria-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire also sign the same pact. The western powers are backed by the USA and use their money and investments to rebuild their economy’s. Germany is broke and has no outside assistance but must keep up appearances as the power she once was before the war. All industries are geared towards war but the working class are suffering. Working nonstop to prop up the Empire their basic needs are coming second, and many are turning to the Communist and Fascist parties that are promising a better life for the German people. In the late 1920's Germany nearly falls into civil war, the Kaiser makes a political pact with the leading Fascist party, the National Socialists, to keep power and stop the empire from falling apart.

Adolf Hitler convinces the Kaiser that a democratic election would appease the people and allow the Empire to continue. The Nazi`s use the freedom and resources that the Kaiser gave them to destroy the Communist and other revolutionary groups in Germany. In the 1933 elections, Hitler and the Nazi party won a majority and with the Empire's permission cemented their complete rule of the German government. At the urging of the German government a Nazi party in Austria-Hungary came to power in 1935, and immediately began plans for a union with Germany. The Ruling Houses of both Empires came to an agreement that each would be head of state in their former empires but the political power of the union would be under The Third Reich in Berlin. By 1938 the Third Reich would encompass the former German Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and The conquered territories of the former Russian Empire (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states and a portion of Russia itself.)

In 1940, Hitler used the Western world’s distrust of Communism to launch Operation Hammer Fall to crush the Soviets. With the economic help of France, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and the USA, along with military support from the Empire of Japan, the Third Reich was able to defeat Stalin and the Soviet Union by 1942. Because of Japan`s help in the “just” war of ending Communism, The USA turned a blind eye to Japan`s conquest in Asia. By the end of 1942, the Empire of Japan controlled China and a large portion of Siberia, while the Third Reich controlled European Russian and the rest of Siberia.

The Axis powers of Nazi Germany, Italy, Ottoman Empire, and the Empire of Japan were now the the most powerful alliance on earth, and the British Empire and her Commonwealth, France, and the USA seemed powerless to stop them. The Allied nations signed a pact with Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway to form the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATA) and declared if any of the member nations were attacked that the rest would declare war on the aggressor nation.

The war that would become known as World War 2 would not come out of an attack on one of the NATA nations but of a protectorate of the British Empire, Egypt. The Turks with the backing of Germany and Italy launched an attack on Egypt in June 1945. Both the Allied nations and the Axis powers mobilized their troops, but stopped short of attacking. The British forces in Egypt began to force back the Turkish advance and with that came the blitzkrieg on the low countries and France.

Even though the NATA nations were aligned against the Axis nations, none of them allowed each others Troops to be stationed in each others countries, most notably France. France demanded that the French could defend their borders without the help of their allies. This would be a mistake they would not recover from and regret. With in six months, the blitzkrieg would conquer all of Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and France. The British and the USA would be left alone against the Axis powers.

Japan used this opportunity to attack Hong Kong, French Indochina and the Dutch East Indies, The USA decided to launch the first attack against Imperial Japan and attacked the Naval base of New Kobe on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The Japanese responded by attacking and conquering the Philippines and many Pacific islands and moving the Imperial fleet toward Hawaii.

The Germans prepared for the invasion of Great Britain, large numbers of Canadian, American, Australian, and other Commonwealth nations troop flooded England. Plans to repel the attack were in place but the Allies knew it would be a bloodbath. The Americans were developing the Atomic bomb but so was Germany and the race to the atomic age would be a bloody one.

The Germans had a number of new weapons that would stun and change the world, missiles and jet planes were the first to show the world that Germany was not a nation to be taken lightly. German Rockets and Jet Planes bombarded British cities, along with the standard German bombers. The RAF and the USAF were hard pressed to to attack German cities when most of their time was spent defending Britain.

Almost by surprise the Germans were able to launch an amphibious and paratrooper attack on England in the summer of 1946.

To be Continued

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