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This timeline will covered the history of Japan between the point of divergence in 1282 and the time before the foundation of Imperial Japan.

A Proper Light title of this first timeline is take from the era name of Japan that mostly used in the period of Japanese alternative history that covered on this article, Kōshō (光正), which means "the light that beaming properly".

POD 1282

  • August 1 - The combined Mongol, Chinese and Korean forces sent by the Yuan Dynasty, invaded the Japanese island for the second time. Unlike their invasion, this one was a successful one. Japanese military government or the Bakufu finally surrendered to the Mongol invaders after two-week bloody battle.
  • August 15 - Bakufu government surrendered to the Yuan armies. Imperial regent Hōjō Tokimune, the de-facto ruler of Japan, committed suicide. The Bakufu rule finally came to its end.
  • August 18 - Miura Tanemura was installed by the Yuan Dynasty as the new imperial regent of Japan, established the Miura Regency that ruled Japan for the next 67 years.


  • January 30 - A new era name, Kōshō (光正), was declared by the Miura Regency, reflecting the governmental succession from the Bakufu to the new regency.
  • December 17 - Kōshō Edict was issued where Buddhism was declared as the official state religion. The indigenous Japanese shamanist rituals that previously incorporated into Buddhist rites was officially suppressed by the government.
  • December 20 - A rebellion by the clans that opposed the Kōshō Edict broke up in northern Japan, famously called as the Haibutsu Rebellion.

Myomi Republic A Proper Light Foundation of the Empire

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