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Harald the Conqueror

During 1066 in England, William the Bastard and Harald Hardrada (Harald the 3rd, king of Norway) both attempted to take control of England, after the death of Edward the Confessor and the assumption of the crown by Harold Godwinson.

William would have been first to arrive, if not for the weather, and he would have had to face the huge Saxon army. William would have a lot smaller chance of victory now, against a fresh army of Anglo-Saxons. This would give Harald Hardrada the advantage when the Saxon army marched North. This would mean that the battle of Hastings would be small and unimportant, but the Battle of Stamford Bridge would be known by school children for generations.

A Different England

Not only this, but the culture of England was greatly changed by the Norseman arrival, and so the culture of England would have been changed equally as much, if the Norwegians had conquered: it was oriented towards the Norse sphere of influence.

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