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On the morning of 13 October 1307, multiple members of the Knights Templar were arrested and burned at the stake on the orders of Philip IV of France for "heresy", however the true reason was that Philip was in extreme amounts of debt and owned lots of coin to the monastic order and manipulated a complaint that multiple people had with the monastic order. This was a changing point in the history of Catholicism and religion itself, and showed that the world was ready for reform and change to how the laws at the time worked.

But, what if Grand Master of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay had predicted this to happen and left France only a week before the incident? What if the Illuminati was established in order to form a New World Order?

Point of Divergence

In early 1307 while staying in France, Grandmaster Jacques de Molay is suspicious of Philip IV of France due to him suggesting that the two holy orders (Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller) merge together into one united holy order, and that Philip refuses to acknowledge his massive amount of debt that he owes to the monastic order.

More later...

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