778 AD: Yusef II of Mecca is assassinated by his brother, Mohammed who is crowned Caliph Mohammed IV.

781 AD: The Roman Admiral Caius Phelengus Juvenes inadvertently sails across the Atlantic attempting to found a new province in Africa. Instead he finds OTL Cuba. He lands and calls the new land Juvenia after himself. He also realizes that the continent is not Africa. He decides to name the entire new continent as Nova Roma.

783 AD: Emperor Valens IV gives a donation to help further colonize Nova Roma, as he sees it as an opportunity to replace losses such as Judaea, Syria, Slavium and Persia that have occurred over the past 60 years.

784 AD: A new expedition, again commanded by Juvenes, sets sail from Nova Capua in Juvenia and finds OTL Bahamas, which he names after Valens calling it Valensium.

786 AD: Valens IV dies at the age of 69 and is replaced by an elected emperor, Aurelian Ovus Kamian who is pronounced emperor Aurelian II.

789 AD: The new Attar king, Tameso invades and overruns the province of Sarmatia.

790 AD: Governor Cinna Balous Dossus of Thrace leads the XI, XII, XVIII and III legions into Sarmatia attempting to root out the Attars.

791 AD: The Attars are provoked to battle at Gorsium and are defeated by Dossus, who is pronounced governor of Sarmatia as well by Aurelian II.

792 AD: Tameso dies of a fever and is succeeded by his son Fovesid. Fovesid leads his army into Sarmatia in an attempt to exact revenge for the Attar defeat the previous year.

793 AD: Fovesid is defeated at Norio and is executed the following month.

794 AD: Fovesid is succeeded by his weak half-brother Xanoro. Dossus invades Attaria and destroys its capital, Kerto.

795 AD: Dossus is made governor of the newly conquered province of Slavium by a grateful Aurelian.

796 AD: Dossus dies and his son Flavius Probus Dossus is given governorship of his old provinces. This is frowned upon by some in Rome.

798 AD: OTL Jamaica is discovered and named Colonia Aureliana by explorer Julius Nero Yepulus.

801 AD: Exotic goods like tobacco, sugar and maize begin to be exported back from Nova Roma.

802 AD: Yepulus is appointed Viceroy of Nova Roma by Aurelian II.

805 AD: Flavius Dossus revolts against Aurelian II and establishes the Thracian empire with the provinces of Thrace, Sarmatia, Moesia and Slavium. Seven legions out of the 30 legions join him. He is pronounced Flavius I.

806 AD: Flavius lays siege to Constantinople, still loyal to Aurelian II.

807 AD: Aurelian leads legions IV, XI and II against the four legions besieging Constantinople. They are defeated breaking the siege however.

808 AD: Constantinople falls. Flavius I then invades Greece and in a whirlwind campaign destroys the XIII legion who are defending Athens.

809 AD: Flavius I conquers Macedonia and invades Dalmatia. However he is assassinated by a Greek commander in his army, Callisthenes.

810 AD: Callisthenes proclaims himself emperor Callisthenes I of the Graeco-Roman Empire, which was the Thracian Empire.

811 AD: Aurelian II is deposed by a new senatorial candidate, Claudius Nima.

812 AD: The Rungian tribes appear on the northern border of Raetia and lay waste to the province. The remainder of the Attars follow them. Potila, leader of the Rungians begins to march on Rome.

813 AD: The Rungians are halted at Mediolanum by general Cnaeus Sextus Olinus. The Rungian leader Potila is slain. However the Attars led by Gimethrick sack Ravenna and move into Dalamatia.

814 AD: Olinus defeats the Attars at the battle of Vidia. The Attars retreat into the Graeco-Roman Empire.

815 AD: The Attars destroy Pella in Macedon in the Graeco-Roman Empire. Callisthenes marches legions I, II and III to attack the Attars. However, Gimethrick sidesteps them and begins ravaging Thessaly.

816 AD: The Attars sack Athens. Callisthenes I is incensed by the sacking of his hometown and unwisely is provoked to battle on a battlefield of Attar choosing. He is killed along with his entire bodyguard. One of his generals, Asinius is proclaimed emperor in Argos.

817 AD: The Rungians claim Raetia as their new kingdom of Rungeth.

818 AD: A new wave of barbarians, the Vikings begin raiding monasteries in Britannia and Gaul.

819 AD: In a palace coup, the Imperial Guards kill Claudius Nima and replace him with senator Cato Nerva Apocalypter.

821 AD: Cato is dethroned by the X legion and Olinus is installed as emperor Cnaeus I. Cnaeus I begins campaigning against the Rungians of Rungeth.

822 AD: After years of running wild in the Peloponnese, the Attars are at last brought to heel by Graeco-Roman emperor Asinius I. They are granted lands to settle in Greece provided that they serve as troops in the Graeco-Roman army.

823 AD: Cnaeus I of the Roman Empire and Asinius I of the Graeco-Roman Empire clash at Timer in Macedonia. It is a blood bath with 23,000 Roman dead and 30,000 Graeco Roman dead. The battle ends in a stalemate.

826 AD: The Great Attar Rising Occurs when the oppressed Attars led by Gumethrick, son of Gimethrick, rise up with 70,000 now fully trained soldiers.

827 AD: The Attars cross into Attica and burn Athens to the ground. They move onto Thebes and then veer off into Epirus. General Julianus Pothinus Vextuor is killed at the battle of the river Ranames.

828 AD: Asinius I leads legions VI and VII into battle against the Attars but his force is crushed at Menon and he is beheaded.

829 AD: After a year of infighting, another General Orestes proclaims himself emperor. He leads out a legion to defeat Gumethrick.

830 AD: Orestes is killed at the battle of Thelion. One of his commanders, Asinius Calpurius Spoxtos is proclaimed emperor near Thessalonica.

831 AD: Gumethrick sets his sights on rule over the Graeco-Roman Empire. He is secretly supported by Cnaeus I of the Roman Empire. Gumethrick marches on Constantinople, the capital of the Graeco-Roman Empire.

832 AD: The Patriarch, Divinius II attempts to stop Gumethrick in his tracks by calling the power of god. Gumethrick is held in awe by Divinius II's 'relationship with god'

834 AD: Gumethrick converts to Orthodoxy and decides to change his target to Rome. His army marches through Dalmatia wreaking havoc and destruction wherever he goes.

835 AD: Gumethrick attempts to invade Italia but is held off by Cnaeus I, who is still a good general. Gumethrick is defeated at Maranum.

839 AD: After 4 years of wandering and raiding Gumethrick decides to launch a bid for control of Hispania. He defeats the Governor, Ammianus Passius Cenvius and takes over much of northern Hispania. He takes the old Gothic name for his kingdom. He calls it Spain.

840 AD: Gumethrick launches a campaign into Southern Hispania. However he is defeated at Pepto by General Gothus Simon Perius.

842 AD: The Great Bombard cannon is invented by Graeco-Roman scientists.

843 AD: The Viking invasion of Brittania begins. East Anglia falls to the Danish Viking Leader Sven Ormasson in months.

844 AD: Kent is conquered, garrisons in Wales decide to break away from the main empire and form the Romano-British Empire. Led by emperor Nero I they lay claim to Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall and Cumbria.

845 AD: Sven is crowned king of Daneland, his new country consisting of East Anglia, much of the South of England and the Midlands.

846 AD: Cnaeus I recognizes Daneland, as in reality Brittania was becoming to expensive to maintain.

849 AD: An expedition to mainland Nova Roma, led by Viceroy Constantius Vespasianus Zenoii discovers the Maya in Yucatan. Contact is established with Chicen Itza.

850 AD: Cnaeus I dies at the age of 78. He is succeeded by his son Cnaeus II.

852 AD: Asinius II of the Graeco-Roman Empire dies and is succeeded by his son, Constans I.

855 AD: The king of Rungeth, Lothar invades Noricum but is beaten back at the battle of Madrian, by General Julius Pictus Ovenos.

856 AD: The new Viceroy of Nova Roma, Gaius Macrinus Sidlus attacks Chicen Itza with cannon and Arquebus. The defenders, although brave are poorly equiped and untrained and are smashed with casualty figures of 31,000 dead.

857 AD: Yucatan is proclaimed Sidlusia after viceroy Sidlus.

859 AD: Sven I of Daneland is forced into a war with a pretender to the throne in Denmark, Olaf Ustar. Ustar defeats the loyalists and is proclaimed the king of Denmark.

860 AD: Olaf I of Denmark attempts to invade Daneland but is beaten off by Sven at Cilham.

862 AD: Olaf I is assassinated by Guthrum Ironbeard, who lays claim to the throne of Denmark. Sven I of Daneland dies and is succeeded by his son Sven II.

863 AD: Constans I of the Graeco-Roman Empire invades Asia Minor, defeating general Cilius Terentius Largadas of the Roman Empire.

864 AD: Caliph Ismail III of the Meccan empire invades Judaea. He is beaten back at Tel Aviv by David Ami, the new king of the Jews.

865 AD: Cnaeus II of the Roman Empire invades Macedonia. He defeats Constans I at Charan.

866 AD: The battle of Stafian between the Romans and the Graeco-Romans sees the first use of the musket by the Graeco-Romans leading to mass casualties for the roman legions II, VIII and XXX.

867 AD: Ismail III invades Judaea once more. He is was more beaten back but in the process David Ami is killed. He is succeeded by Joshua Yanin. Dalmatia is invaded by the Graeco-Romans.

868 AD: Attar mercenaries are employed to great affect, using them as mobile dragoons against the Graeco-Romans. General Ovenos leads the Roman army to a great victory.

869 AD: The Nowegian invasion of Gaul begins led by Rollo of Norway.

870 AD: Rollo defeats a small force which was hastily cobbled together by the Roman governor of Gallia Lugdenesis, Gracchus Matisus Pelordicas. Rollo sets up a kingdom which he names Normanche in the area of Normandy and Brittany.

871 AD: Cnaeus II dies of a stoke and is replaced by Leonidas, a candidate backed by Constans I of Graeco-Rome. Meanwhile, Granerick, the king of the Attars sends his own candidate, Tiberius Wolfinus Tirus.

872 AD: Leonidas is thrown down by the Imperial Guard and then promptly executed by a triumphant Tiberius who is crowned Tiberius III. Constans I sends a new candidate, his younger son Theodosius.

873 AD: Theodosius is murdered by Normaero, a general of Granerick. Tiberius III attempts to send peace feelers to Constans, but Constans is enraged by the loss of his son and vows to bring the Roman Empire under his control.

875 AD: Tiberius III is deposed by Normaero who declares himself emperor of Rome. Granerick leads and invasion force of Attars from Spain, including the feared dragoons, to install a new candidate, Marcus Aposthumus Zeos.

876 AD: Normaero is slain defending his territory against the VIII legion of Graeco-Rome commanded by Constans I.

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