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With the Defeat of Germany, the allies decided that she should only give some territorial obligations to Poland (including all of East Prussia), Germany should be turned into a democracy. The efforts to establish a democracy were successful, with the Nazi Hierarchy being arrested and imprisoned, and the first President, Albert Speer, sought close relations with the Allies against the rising power of the Soviet Union.

Without a World War, America remain isolationist, and manages to achieve the goal of landing a man on the moon by 1965 and colonizes Mars by 1990, and remains a technological superpower to this day, but not a military one.

The Soviet Union, without fighting Germany, remains a silent nation as well, instead seeking to build socialism in Russia only, and ultimately establishes a powerful economy second only to the US with an equal standard of living.

Britain and France remain close, ultimately forming the basis for the European Union, which united all of Europe into a peaceful confederation and defensive alliance. The colonies, except for a few disturbances, all peacefully separated from the homelands, and maintain close relations to this day.

By the 1960's, the calls for an international body to resolve disputes resulted in the creation of the United Nations, which has had a commendable record in preventing war and fostering international cooperation in many fields, including poverty elimination and sustainable development.

Prosperity has stretched to all corners of the globe, and though nuclear weapons had been proposed, they had never been developed, and to this day remain a mystery. Space travel has become more than an implausible luxury, being able to travel from Earth to Mars taking only two weeks in ships of unrivaled size and opulence.

In 2011, the world is in peace and, though it didn't seem like it at the time, the Death of Adolf Hitler in 1940 and the end of the Second World War has resulted in the end of war as a method of resolving disputes. Some have probed the thoughts of what the world would have been like had the USA or the USSR had been dragged into the War with Germany, or into a war between each other with weapons that would destroy man kind. To the people of this world, that is truly inconceivable.


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