The Dawn

1971: Wolfram Hitler, second Führer of the Greater German Reich, and the leaders of the Reich's vast amount of puppet states, sign the Treaty of Copenhagen, officially annexing all of the Reich's European and North African vassal, puppet, and client states into the Reich. Each former nation will become a province in the Reich, with freedoms equal to that of most Germans. The now even larger Empire is then in great ceremony united, and deemed to be greater than "even Adolf would have dreamed of". This is met with great applause, and also at the ceremony a new flag is unveiled to symbolize the united Reich: 
Flag yellow high

The new flag is actually approved quite well, with its combination of the symbol of the Third Reich and the stars of its component states. 

The United States, while first outraged at the annexation by the Reich of its vassals, sees how the people actually react, and then decides that it really doesn't make much difference. 

Japan lands a man on the moon, but on the return trip oxygen tanks are hit by a micrometeor causing them to leak, slowly suffocating the astronauts, whose shuttle burns up on re-entry, sending the Japanese Empire into a week of mourning.

QUITO is reduced to the CSA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil after its other members withdraw. 

1972: Japan begins losing control of its puppet state in China, and several guerrilla bands begin to cause havoc. 

The United States and the Reich begin talks of forming an alliance.

The Soviet Union joins QUITO, seeing the American-Reich Block and the Japanese Sphere as common enemies. With this QUITO begins being taken seriously by the Americans and Germans.

1973: The CSA detonates its first nuclear bomb, and this causes large alarm in the USA as well as the rest of the world. However the CSA agrees to give plans for the nuclear weapon to all members of QUITO as a sign of trust. Britain agrees to join QUITO.

The CSA begins begins moving troops to the Mexican border and begins preparations for a second invasion of Mexico, this time with the goal of completely conquering the country. Massive military buildup begins producing tanks, bombers, fighters, etc. 

The Reich, seeing the CSA's detonation of a nuclear warhead as a threat, officially signs an alliance with the United States. This creates the Washington-Berlin Pact, which seriously alarms the Italians who wish to keep German influence contained in Europe.

Japan continues to experience difficulties in China, and the guerrilla movement has exploded into hundreds of bands across China. As of yet not leader has arisen to organize the Chinese revolutionaries, allowing Japan to keep a lid on the events from reaching the outside world. 

Italy begins moving away from the Reich and closer to QUITO.

The Reich's puppet states in the Middle East meet with Turkish leaders in Ankara to discuss uniting, as they are sick of the German domination and wish for an ally who is strong and shares common ideals such as religion and culture. Turkey agrees to this, and on July 1st, the Treaty of Constantinople is signed. A German ambassador agrees to sign as well, on Wolfram's orders. (Wolfram had been spending much money in the region attempting to keep the puppets in power). With the treaty's signing, the Federated Ottoman Republics is born, although the President still retains most power. 

1974: The F.O.R. signs an alliance with Italy, as the two nations see the close relations with America as against there interests. The new Ankara-Rome Axis begins talks with India about forming an alliance and getting them out of Germany's sphere of influence.

The CSA continues mobilizing and building up for an invasion of Mexico, which as of late has been experiencing serious civil unrest due to the governments failing to get Mexico out of its depression. 

Italy and the F.O.R. agree to work on there own nuclear weapon, and secretly begin research as well as work on rockets.

Map of Eine allainces

1975: The United Nations of Latin America begin acts of federalization, and plans are to fully unite the UNLA within ten years. Argentina and Chile are both asked to join, but both decline, although they agree to be observers of the organization.

The CSA decides on a different course of action than outright invasion. Instead, the President George Alson decides to have support a military coup, which succeeds. However with the coups rise to power, the CSA declares the military government a threat to the Confederacy, and he orders "peacekeepers" into the country to restore the democratic government. The military easily overpowers the Mexican Armed Forces, and will roll into Mexico City by the years end in what is known as the False Liberation, an eight month conflict resulting in Confederate occupation of Mexico. The CS forces then begin tearing down the border walls, and construction begins of new industries inside former Mexico. 

The Reich views the polarization of the world with alarm, seeing the possibility of defeat should the Ankara-Rome Axis join QUITO.

The Chinese guerrilla movement finally gains a leader Chinto Se, and he begins banding together the various bands under his control. His efforts are so successful that by the years end 80% of all guerrillas will be under his control. 

1976: The Chinese Revolutionary Army is officially formed by rebel leader Chinto Se, and he begins reorganizing the guerrillas into a proper army, with his forces retreating into the jungles north of Vietnam. 

Germany, the CSA, America, and the Ottomans all send aid to the Chinese rebels, with tanks, guns and supplies being flown in through Tibet. 

Wolfram orders the detonation of a nuclear warhead in the Pacific Ocean, 200 miles south of Honolulu. It obliterates the obsolete naval fleet put there for the occasion. This is seen as a demonstration of German power by the USA, which does nothing as it isn't near its territory.

The CSA begins integration of Mexico into the Confederacy.

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