Timeline:Morgen die ganze Welt spinoff

8:00 September 11 
Washington DC, San Francisco, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney,  
New Tenochtitlan, New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Denver, Kuala Lumpur

Terrorists crash planes into the Golden Gate Bridge and the US Capitol at dawn. Fortunately, the Capitol was closed for repairs, anyway, but the Golden Gate Bridge was packed, with a countless death toll. Terrorists also detonated bombs in the World Trade Centre, Volkshalle, Canary Wharf, the Kremlin, Petronas towers, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Sydney Opera House, Christ the Redeemer Statue, Cape Kennedy, Denver International Airport and the OAS Headquarters in New Tenochtitlan.

8:30 September 11 
Arlington, Virginia

The CIA learns that the terrorist group "Fist of God" was responsible for the bombings. Not much is known about them. The group was already on the CIA watch list for terrorist groups, but even the SD met a brick wall in investigating them, and during the last days of the Cold War, there was already collaboration between the two on this group. The Berlin Washington hot line even had a "black button" which meant that the terrorists had emerged

9:00 September 11 
New York City

President Vladimir Putin personally lifts rubble at the ruins of the World Trade Centre. He says "the terrorists have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. We will find them in the shit holes, we will find them in the caves, We will not stop until we have every last one of them hanging at the gallows." Putin's approval rating soars almost overnight to 98% from an already high 76%.

9:56 September 11 
Washington D.C

Back in the White House, Putin orders an airstrike on a terrorist stronghold in Central Africa. But they manage to escape.

September 12 
New York City

Senator Vernon Howell of Texas convenes HUAC to discuss the recent terrorist threat. The senator would be known as "have you now or have you been a member of Fist of God?". He would expose several chapters of the cult in North America, but he is derided as "a second Joe McCarthy"

September 13 

PNAC convene to discuss the recent situation. they agree that the Third World War has finally come, and that the United States must be ready to fight (President Putin had already resigned from his post in the society in order to abide by the Conflict of Interest act 1991.)

November 4 2004
Houston Texas

George Bush is elected president of the United States.