In this timeline separatism, ideology differences and war all mix to create a Second Cold War which forms the new Age. From the Middle East to China the global crisis hits the world and war is only inevitable...

This timeline also explores the stories in the world by various new reports all having their own opinion.


Saturday 31st October 2015- 50px-Flag_of_Catalonia.svg.png Catalionian Referndum Coming Soon

Yesterday the Spanish Government declared its intention to have a referendum in Catalonia on independence. The Results will be shown soon.... More Stories:


50px-Flag_of_Tibet.svg.png Conflict in Tibet

Today an army of 700 Angry Men and Women rioted and protested in Lhasa. Chinese Forces were sent and brutally suppressed the crowd. It is believed the Dalai Lama arranged this and China is offered a large amount of money for him to be brought back to China to be executed. The USA has condemned China's actions.

Flag_of_France.svg Calais Ship Crisis: "Captain fled the ship" Crew member says.

During investigations of the Ship crisis a member of the crew told authorities that the pilot fled the Ship when it hit the rock. The Captain Charles John Smith has not been found. The captain's quarters was found to have an awfully large amount of drugs. The Co-pilot was found dead with a blood mark on his chest. A scenario thought of by French Police was the highly druggy Captain hit the rock on purpose then shot the Co-Pilot and fled in a lifeboat. Still another day goes without knowing what truly happened in this tragedy.

Friday 30th October 2015-Flag_of_France.svg Ship capuliates off coast of Calais

A ship carrying 60 people capsulated off the coast earlier today. 27 people drowned, 23 missing, 10 injured. The ship was believed to have hit a rock in the middle of the journey making a massive hole on the bottom letting the water enter. 30 of the people were American, 10 were Belgian, 11 were French and the rest were British. The ship is currently being hauled out of the water by French Authorities the Captain body has not been found. More on this Tomorrow.... Other Stories:

Flag_of_Russia.svg Crimean Crisis: Vote in the EU on action in Ukraine

In the EU meeting yesterday a vote was proposed by Poland to send troops to Ukraine. The Vote is being held on the first of November. So far Poland, Bulgaria, Germany and Austria seem to be on the yes side while Spain, Greece, the UK, Sweden and Italy seem to be on the no side.

Flag_of_Greece.svg Euro-Greek Economy Crisis: "Things are getting worse as the days pass" Greek Father says

A Greek father told the BBC that things are getting worse. The Economy crisis in Greece is getting worse and the government is under heavy pressure as riots break out across the country. The Government has declared they're leaving the Euro-Zone. If they do then Europe will be in the worst Economic Crisis in years.

Thursday 29th October 2015- Flag_of_Egypt.svg New Suez Canal Under Construction

Today, President AbdelFatah Sisi declared that the Suez Canal is under heavy construction for upgrading. This plan was supposed to be used last year but it had to be postponed. Most of the Egyptian population support this plan but a majority of people in the slums of Cairo and Alexandria have started to protest due to the fact that the government cares more about its trade links then its own people. PM David Cameron met with Sisi to discuss the new plan and to soften Anglo-Egyptian relations. Other Stories:

Flag_of_Russia.svg Crimean Crisis: A Video Shows Russian Troops Evacuate Crimea in terror.

A video filmed by two Tartar gangsters shows 5 Russian troops screaming and running from the battlefield while the general shouts at them to get back when the group is attacked by Ukrainian unionists. This video has gone viral with over 3K views on Youtube.

Flag_of_Italy_%28Myomi_Republic%29.svg Trade deal is made with Serbia in attempt to Soften relations.

The Italian President met with his Serbian counterpart in Belgrade to improve relations with the non-EU member. Trade deals were agreed on and both nations will be engaging in heavy trade for the next few months.

Al-Jazeera News

Saturday 31st October 2015- Flag_of_Egypt.svg New Suez Canal Construction starts early

The construction of the New Suez Canal has already started and so far Egypt has payed the 7.8 billion EPs. Sisi hopes to build a new Trade Route. The UK, France and Italy have recognised this idea and have started to help. Protests are dying down but the protesters still exist. More Stories:

50px-Flag_of_Iraq_(2004-2008).svg.png 50px-Flag_of_Syria.svg.png 50px-Flag_of_Turkey.svg.png Kurdistan declares independence

Kurdistan has declared independence from Syria, Iraq and Turkey the first thing Kurdistan has done is call on fellow Kurds to leave IS and fight against it. The Kurdish national Army has invaded IS and Syria. The invasion is very brutal but Assad has fought heavily against.

Friday 30th October 2015- Flag_of_Egypt.svg New Suez Canal to cost 7.8 Billion Egyptian Pounds

After the declaration of an upgraded Suez Canal, the Bank of Egypt posted online it would cost 7.8 Billion Egyptian Pounds to do this. To earn the money Egyptian Citizen have had a massive raise on their tax causing even more protests. The worst happened in Cairo were 67 men and women were killed and 98 were injured by Police. More on this tomorrow ... More Stories:

60px-Flag_of_Israel.svg.png 60px-Flag_of_Palestine.svg.png Israeli-Palestinian Crisis: 6 Slaughtered by Israeli Police

As tension rise in the area, 6 men camping near the border were shot by Israeli soldiers. The six campers were Palestinian businessmen preparing to go to Jordan. The Israeli government hasn't spoken about this yet but the President of Palestine will be having a speech about it tomorrow.

Flag_of_Jordan.svg 60px-Flag_of_Israel.svg.png 60px-Flag_of_Palestine.svg.png Israeli-Palestinian Crisis: Jordan completely mobilizes for war

Following the rise of tensions in Palestine, the Jordanian military has completely mobilized for war. King Abdullah I I made a speech on what his military in tensions were and seems to have the support of most of his nation.

Thursday 29th October 2015-Flag_of_Egypt.svg New Suez Canal Under Construction

President AbdelFatah Sisi declared his intentions to upgrade the busy Suez Canal in a visit to Luxor. The Muslim brotherhood and the poor men of Egypt have started to protest causing the police to heavily crack down on them in a massacre near to Luxor itself. The PM of the UK has met with Sisi to discuss the new plan and to soften relations with Egypt. The USA have threatened to boycott the New Suez Canal plan due to Sisi's actions. More on this tomorrow...

Other Stories:

Flag_of_Libya.svg Libyan War Negotiations

Following the new elections, the two sides of the Libyan War have agreed to stop fighting. Negotiations are beginning in the State but it is unlikely the war will truly end until the end of the year. Abdurrahman Alsweheli is leading the negotiations on behalf of Tripoli.

60px-Flag_of_Israel.svg.png 60px-Flag_of_Palestine.svg.png Israeli-Palestinian Crisis: War is Likely Says Clinton

Hillary Clinton said war in Palestine likely earlier today. Hamas is believed to have moved into Israeli Territory while Israel places troops on the border. Mahmoud Abbas has spoken against it and Palestinian troops have moved to guard their borders. The PLO has created the PLA The Palestinian Liberation Army while Israel captures "Terrorists". Jordan has prepared its air force in case anything drastic happens.


Sunday 1st November 2015-50px-Flag_of_Iraq_(2004-2008).svg.png 50px-Flag_of_Syria.svg.png 50px-Flag_of_Turkey.svg.png Kurdistan declares independence

Yesterday Kurdistan declared independence and is waging war against IS. The United States have sent aid to Kurdistan and will be joining them in a bombing raid on IS. Troops will also be sent to Iraq and Syria to cool things down. Obama has cracked under pressure and let troops be sent there. More Stories...

60px-Flag_of_Israel.svg.png 60px-Flag_of_Palestine.svg.png Israeli-Palestinian Crisis: Hamas executes Israeli Civilians

Hamas has captured Israeli Civilians and has executed every single one of them. Large numbers of politicians say we should start bombing Hamas to prevent this from happening again.

Flag_of_France.svg Calais Ship Crisis: Captain search begins.

French, British and Belgian forces have started to search for Captain Charles Smith who abandoned the doomed Ship. For the next few months these Countries will be patrolling their coasts and the English Channel.

US_flag_with_42_stars_by_Hellerick.svg Clinton says "War is likely in the middle East"

Hillary Clinton commented on the current crisis in the middle east saying "War is likely in the middle East" during the meeting in the National Congress. Various terrorist groups have taken power in Israel and tensions are brimming, Obama says he won't get involved.

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