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Battle flag of the US Confederacy

The battle flag of the Confederacy. Later adopted as their national flag.

A Nation Divided describes the world after the death of President Jefferson Davis, the inauguration of President Robert Barnwell Rhett, the eventual Southern win to the Civil War, and how it affected the world.

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The PoD (Point of Divergence) in this story is the Battle of First Manassas (First Bull Run), in which a patriotic decision by the Confederate President had unforseen outcomes.

This decision, though it does not change the outcome of the event it took place in, it changed the outcome of its inspiration, the American Civil War.

In our timeline, the battle started on July 21st, 1861, in Northeastern Virginia. Two green troops, the Army of Northeastern Virginia and the (Confederate) Army of the Potomac, squared off near the Potomac River.

Although the Northeastern Virginia was on the offensive for most of the battle, by the end, they were on the run. To quote a literary work on this battle, "rumor and roadblocks turned an otherwise orderly disengagement into a full-fledged panic..."

The battle ended a Confederate victory, sending the morale of the Confederacy skyward. It influenced future victories, such as the Seven Day's Battles, Second Manassas (Second Bull Run), Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville.

As there were with most Civil War battles, there were many civilians looking on. Among these onlookers was none other than Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Near the end of the battle, a group of stragglers (in this story, the 43rd Texas Regiment, Company D, 81st Platoon) was noticed by Davis. in our timeline, Davis briefly considered rallying them to charge into the battle, but quickly decided not to.

In our hypothesis, believing that leading stragglers to battle would be viewed as patriotic and raise Confederate morale, Davis boldly leads the platoon into battle.

Within 3 minutes, he has been wounded by a bullet from a Confederate musket.

Although the doctors try everything, he does not wake up. Mrs. Davis comes to try and talk him through it, a priest comes to pray for him, but it is all no use. He is dead in 4 hours.

Confederate morale hits rock bottom. Washington celebrates, believing that the war is won. Conspiracy theories erupt, among them, that Alexander Stephens killed the president. One gullible planter from Alabama traveled to Richmond, shot Stephens, and fled to Canada. Stephens is dead instantly. The Confederate Congress, not knowing what to do, held an emergency convention on July 23rd. They vote on the next president.

They choose Robert Barnwell Rhett, a delegate from South Carolina. While not a politician, he had many of the qualifications the Confederates wanted in a president.

His choices as president changed the war, and history.

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