WASHINGTON, D.C - Some have called it a classic, heartwarming political journey. Others have termed it as a failure of the American legal and legislative system. His supporters have called it a victory, miracle-by-miracle. Regardless of political affiliation, to deny the rise of 2016's third party candidate as an interesting development in this nation's history is to turn a blind eye to the election entirely. Move over, Republicans and Democrats, elephants and donkeys. The reign of the cat is now.

By now, Bonkers the Kitten is a common household name. His campaign managers have worked tirelessly to create an icon out of Mr. the Kitten. The good faith outreach and down-to-Earth approach adopted by Bonkers the Kitten's upstart political party, calling themselves the Pawpulist Party, has reached the ears of millions of Americans and their housecats, touching their hearts and minds. His campaign slogan, "Hear, kitty kitty," is perhaps one of the most memorable cries from a political party in some time.

It seemed like it was only yesterday that Bonkers was overlooked as a candidate almost entirely. Only when he gained popularity did the outcries of his opponents sound. "A cat can't be president," came first, only to be overruled. "He is not old enough," came next, the candidates apparently ignorant that 9 years old in cat years is a distinguished 52 years of age. Of course, controversies continue to rise every day as his opponents work tirelessly to ensure that the Pawpulist Party loses traction.

Will Bonkers the Kitten be undone by his opponents and forgotten by history? Or will he seize the office and form a more Purrrrfect Union?

This article was written by John Jimbleson of CNN.</p>

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