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--Massacote.01 (talk) 21:12, March 22, 2016 (UTC)

23 July 1939. Gandhi had sent a letter of appeal to Hitler, and who could prevent a world war. Unfortunately, the letter

Gandhi's letter for Hitler.

was intercepted by the British government, which led to the events of World War II.

But what if the letter reached the hands of Hitler?

Hitler Shrugs

The invasion that Adolf Hitler was doing in Poland would not have happened, therefore, the tensions of World War lower.

Differences from OTL

  • Fascism was an ideology currently practiced, as Communism.
  • Germany joined India to defeat England in their struggle for independence. Tensions over a World War II rise again.
  • Fascism in Latin America will be greater than the Communism. Countries like Brazil, with Vargas regime and Argentina with the Peronist regime, similar to the Italian fascism.
  • The Neocolonialism ever existed. Much of countries in Africa today would be colonies.
  • World War II happens, however, only against the Empire of Japan.
  • What happened with Germany in our timeline, occurred with Japan in this timeline, the division by the Tokyo Wall, Northern Japan (Socialist) and Southern Japan (Capitalist).
  • The Soviet Union continues, as a socialist state yet. (Gorbachev was never general secretary).


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