Albert II of Germany

A Hungarian Germany is a Timeline exploring the impact on the world if Albert II of Germany traveled to Frankfurt to be coronated as the Holy Roman Emperor instead of marching off to war along the Hungaro-Turkish border.

Point of Divergence

The Point of Divergence of this timeline is (date here), when Albert II of Germany is convinced to go to Frankfurt by his wife, Elizabeth of Luxembourg.


In this Timeline, a number of changes will take place. In order, they are roughly as follows:

  • Albert II takes Bavaria, Wurttemberg, and Wurzburg.
  • Ladislaus dies as a young adult.
  • Sigismund II, the second son of Albert II, is recognized as Emperor, regains Bohemia, and takes Saxony and Hesse.

Important Pages

Here is a list of important pages, based upon use and helpfulness in understanding the timeline.

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