Timeline: Orbis Romanum

September, 14 9BCE

Octavian returns to rome for a triumph after winning the battle of Taxica at the Indian border. Roman influence now stretches to the Indus. Antony has been busy in the west, quelling uprisings of rebelious Germanians. Roman manpower is now 50 legions with more than 500,000 soldiers and auxiliaries in the field. Caesar has not left Rome for nine years, plagued by old age and administration challenges. He is the idol of the Roman plebs, having started many public works and founded many schools. His experiences in the field have made him mindful of the importance of engineering. Now any scholar can expect a stipend to further his studies. Arts and sciences are not taxed in the Roman world.

March,14 9BCE

Julius Caesar has become sickly in old age, maybe as a result of his campaigns. He finally dies of pneumonia. One month of mourning is announced by the senate. In his funeral Octavian makes an eulogy where he mentions "Today a God has died". The women promptly start wailing and men tear their clothes.

April,15 9BCE

After the official month of mourning Octavian accepts the new title of princeps and becomes leader of the Roman Republic. To the relief of the senate he declines the office of dictator although in effect he has the same powers. He changes his name to Gaius Augustus Caesar.

December,31 9BCE

August proves himself a capable administrator. Although the senate is theoretically the most powerful authority in the republic August knows how to force his will upon it. He simply follows the habits that Julius Caesar has created.

May,1 9BCE

Mark Anthony is still busy in Germania suppressing revolts. The first Roman traders to visit India are returning with tales of new materials, civilizations and mathematics. The first Roman scholars leave Rome for India.

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