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Please note that this POD is very strange and unlikely that the asteroids would continue to hit Earth but I believe that the rest of the timeline is quite plausible. Please just enjoy this for what it is.


More meteorite strikes have continued hitting our planet. East Asia is probably the worst affected.


A huge amount of meteorite start hitting Earth even to this day. This ends up having a huge effect on the history of the world and our culture.


1931: Meteorite start hitting Earth especially Europe. The first noted strike was the Polish city of Lviv in March. One asteroid hit the centre of the city and another hit the outskirts of the city. 200 people die. Over the course of 1931, there will be 13 more asteroid strikes; 8 in Europe (3 in Germany, 2 in Britain, 1 in Romania and 2 in Denmark), 3 in Asia (2 in Japan and 1 in Thailand), 1 in South America (Brazil) and 1 in North America (USA, Massachusetts). The worst one was the one that hit the water off the coast of Plymouth. This was Meteorite Mayflower, roughly 5 kilometres in diameter. This has been documented to be the second largest asteroid in modern history. This caused a flood which killed roughly 7,000 people. These meteorite strikes kill 25,000 in this year.

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