Ahh, you have made a choice, I see...

This Henry's early life follows the same path of OTL Henry's early life. However, once his brother dies in an accident, Henry Tudor becomes crown prince for the throne of England. He immediately rejects the option to marry Arthur's widow, Catherine of Aragon, and insteads decide to marry a noble of his choosing. From a young age, Henry shows an interest in politics and expansion of English power at a time of declining English influence on the continent and goes on a tour of Europe to see which states he could ally himself with when he becomes king.

This move is met with approval in court, and Henry VII recognises what his son is trying to do. Although warning his son to be careful, he admires the move and sees it as a step in the right direction for the English future. Following the death of Henry VII, Henry takes the throne of England, becoming Henry VIII of England. His first action is to choose to marry Eleanor of Austria over Arthur's widow Catherine. This political marriage helps him get into the political web which is the Holy Roman Empire and Austria itself. He seeks to establish English influence through Austria, hoping to lead Austria into a position of dominance within the Holy Roman Empire, and indirectly increase English power.

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